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Impact of wired world – what is social media?

You’d think by now this is an obvious question but the more I look into it, esp. as nominally a more active participant in it, I think it’s not so obvious. I’ve already put forward an argument that texting isn’t … Continue reading

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AGW – A real debate?

Just a quick comment about a “dispute” that has blown up in the blogosphere about two “papers” about global warming. One real paper is from a scientist, although a physicist rather than climatologist and the other screed is from a … Continue reading

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Who’s right here? Or just professional envy?

This article, Genetic Data and Fossil Evidence Tell Differing Tales of Human Origins, exposes an interesting meta-debate in science. For most of  the history studying evolution, of any sets of organisms, has depended on the fossil record. For human evolution … Continue reading

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Posted in musing | Tagged , | Leave a comment viewers are whiners!

I just saw this article where some viewers of live streaming of the Olympics are complaining because somehow, magically, they thought they should get HD coverage of the Olympics, on demand, from NBC, FOR FREE, on their wonderful iPads, whenever … Continue reading

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Impact of the wired world – 8a

I previously commented on Dr. Tracy Dennis’ post, Top 7 Ways Blogging Changes My Consciousness: Meta-Blog 1, and basically agree with her list of 7 (as applying to my experience) but after 40 days and 80 posts I do now … Continue reading

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College and politics

I just saw this list of the states with the largest percentage of college graduates: D.C. Massachusetts North Dakota Minnesota New York New Jersey New Hampshire Connecticut Iowa Maryland Illinois Virginia Vermont Nebraska Pennsylvania See any pattern there? Kinda blue, … Continue reading

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To blog or to watch the Olympics …

… that is the question. Normally it would be easy but since I’ve gotten on this treadmill of 40 consecutive days of making posts naturally I feel this compulsion to keep up the streak and ignore once-in-a-life (at least live) … Continue reading

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