Global warning solutions

Hilarious article about global warning solutions since Exxon’s CEO tells us we should just shut up and adapt so his company can get on with more mega-profits.

Plus some other articles are making the connection between the recent all-time record heat and global warming. I was originally surprised not to see this in the “mainstream” media; I guess they’re all scared to say anything now, too many fossil fuel advertisers that will complain and Sarah Palin will rant and get her gun and threaten them.

The heat connection is an example of anecdotal data. What most people don’t get about this is the distinction between climate and weather. We just had some record hot weather, something that, while an outlier in the distributions of temperate is not necessarily indicative of climate change. Now don’t get me wrong, the evidence for global climate change is overwhelming and only a moron (or corrupt) person could believe otherwise (but then, too many Americans believe in ghosts and UFOs and creationism to not expect them to reject other real science) and the recent heat could be an impact of global climate change but it doesn’t “prove” it. Climate change requires large amounts of data to establish, not a single weather event. I don’t want “my side” to dismiss anecdotal data because the next time there is an unexpected cold spell or large snow storm, the idiots on the reactionary right will be crowing that disproves global climate change. Of course, like the recent heat, it, by itself, doesn’t prove anything. Climate science is just a tad bit more complex than that but with science literacy in the U.S. at all-time lows our staggeringly under-educated population will believe all sorts of nonsense.


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One Response to Global warning solutions

  1. douq says:

    Here’s some serious analysis of 2012 heat wave:

    [Gosh, didn’t notice that while reading the article this is from Fox, how did that slip through?]

    It’s probably the accurate scientific comment (hurrah for me as I said the same thing): “While only one heat wave cannot by itself be linked to climate change, a significant increase in these types of events over time could be a hallmark of a warming planet.”

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