My second week of blogging

New record! Fourteen consecutive days, managed to stick with it, 34 posts. I’m really not after just quantity, I’d like to be saying something interesting, if only to me. I did some experiments in searching, both within WordPress and via Google. It takes a ton of search terms for any of my posts to appear. But in testing search various other posts popped up and I’ve taken a look at a few other blogs. In the post about the only time I checked blogs were for technical information being published in a blog instead of more appropriately in the manuals. So I rarely looked at the more personal blogs and I have found a few that are interesting, noted a few for future expansion in my own posts.

I have now added some tags and gone back and updated older posts with the tags. Tagging is hard, deciding what tags to use (don’t want a huge set) and then deciding which apply. Having tags and categories seems a bit confusing to me and the idea of revising all my older posts to match some revised scheme would be a real pain. Too bad that can’t just be done on the Dashboard (maybe it can and I just haven’t found it).

So I’ll keep going for a while longer, but I am finding this takes a ton of time and many of the other things I used to do on a daily basis have been neglected. But I don’t want to let my posts slip or I might abandon it altogether. I know I’ve got hundreds more posts I can make and my exercise here is simply to get a lot of that written down, almost like a journal, but because it is public a little less personal and a bit more polished writing.

So we’ll check back next Monday and see what I’ve done.


About dmill96

old fat (but now getting trim and fit) guy, who used to create software in Silicon Valley (almost before it was called that), who used to go backpacking and bicycling and cross-country skiing and now geodashes, drives AWD in Wyoming, takes pictures, and writes long blog posts and does xizquvjyk.
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