Rahm Emanuel nails it

The ever-acerbic Rahm Emanuel, never known for lack of strong comments, has really nailed it in his “stop whining” advice to mittens. I can’t help but break my limited vow to refrain from political comments on this one. Poor mittens is getting blasted about Bain, basically because he’s been caught in lies he’s trying to cover with some of the silliest spin (“retroactive retirement”, sure, Mitt). So mittens, who carpet-bombed the airways with attacks on his primary opponents and told them to “stop whining”, is now on the receiving end – and guess what, he doesn’t like it – boo-hoo.

Rahm is right, the governors and others who say mittens should release his tax returns, and all the commentary that mittens should just come clean on Bain have it right. mittens’ sense of entitlement, that what he does is above the common fray of politics, prevents him from ever giving a straight answer. And so this is politically stupid, as it keeps the issue alive. Sure Fox will defend him and the right doesn’t care what evil he did, but there actually might be a few undecideds who think a completely evasive candidate, who only wants the “good” part of his stay at Bain to be discussed. The story will keep going as long as mittens does this stupid spin.

Why won’t he release his returns? Pretty obvious, lots more dirt there to pick over. Next we’ll learn the evasion that his blind trust is to blame for everything was just following his plans for yet more tax avoidance, or investments in some more awful and destructive businesses. But silence or evasion, just as Nixon and Clinton learned the hard way, keeps the story going. Come on, Mitt, you believe business and getting rich is the sacred mission of everyone and anyone who doesn’t do as you did is simply not as smart as you as getting rich, however it is done, is the only virtue of today.

But the real cutting point is Rahm’s statement of what is mittens going to do when he’s president and somebody says something bad about them. Will he demand apology from Putin or Hu or Ahmedinajad or Bashar? Sure, that’s gonna happen. Whining is not very presidential, mittens, so as Harry said, if you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen. Your record at Bain, which you claimed as so virtuous and such good preparation for the presidency is just as fair game as the Repug attacks on Obama over community organizer. But no, mittens is above all that. He can attack others but can’t take a punch. If Bain is such a wonderful qualification, then embrace it, all of it, and tell us why Bain is, in Martha Stewart voice, “a good thing”.



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