Believing in afterlife is driven by fear and anger

After establishing with 100+ posts this blog isn’t just a rant against religion I can now get a little bolder and actually do a few rants. I saw this image and it provoked the topic for this post.

Hawking gets it right

Believing Stephen is a lot easier than believing unknown bronze age goat herders.

The concept of heaven is so clearly tied to two human characteristics: 1) fear of death, and, 2) this life (esp. thousands of years ago) sucks. So we solve the problem by simply creating a fantasy that can not be tested but sounds wonderful since we can imagine whatever we want about it. But frankly any concept of ‘heaven’ that religion has tried to sell me sounds like hell instead – eternal life with nothing to do but praise the lord, that sounds like fun.

And lately I’ve realized, since sometimes I catch myself doing it when I think about the outrages we see every day coming from religion, is the anger that leads to the idea of “revenge”. All these idiots will get what’s coming to them some day even if I can’t get justice today is the basis for the hell concept. Sometimes when I’m angry at the anti-science crowd and deniers I think, come on climate change, make these fools burn right here on earth when Florida returns to the sea and much of North America is a desert. Unfortunately that’s going to take longer than my lifetime but it’s easy for me to believe “justice” will come (and unfortunately to the people who also tried to prevent the disaster). So ‘hell’ is just revenge some group of believers heap on those they view as their oppressors. While I’m sure all the xtians presume that the 9/11 hijackers are now roasting in hell (instead of with their grapes they mistranslated as virgins) I know they’re just back to molecular dust, so the only “revenge” was the brief instances their brains registered their fiery deaths.

So obviously the afterlife is entirely a human invention born out of our baser instincts that we should instead struggle to control in the brief time when our “computer” is still working. Thanks, Stephen!


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2 Responses to Believing in afterlife is driven by fear and anger

  1. dmill96 says:

    Now I get a chance to see if I really believe this.

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