Is there a mole at Fox?

Someone must have hacked into the FauxNews website because this is now the third time (and far more significant this time) they’ve actually said something other than the tea bagger party line. How can this mole have penetrated? does Faux not have any security consultants?

Or are there some invisible-to-be clues in the articles that say “we’re just doing a Colbert” and this is to fake out the progressives into thinking we have some balance. Or since the base will ignore the content this obviously fake article is just a charade for the base to claim Faux isn’t always just a shill for the Repugs.

I’m talking about this article where it isn’t using the new and bolder approach (yes, we’re plutocrats and transferring all money to 1% is correct and god’s will and we won’t try to spin it any more, bye-bye job creators, hello plutocracy as the goal of America). They actually admit!, about Ryan, most of what you’d expect to find in an Obama campaign ad: yes, he’ll gut Medicare, yes, he’ll turn Social Security money over to the same Wall Street bankers who lost 4 trillion in 2008 and had to be bailed out, yes, he’ll change taxes where people like Romney will pay zero (won’t need all those tax dodges in Caymans anymore), yes, he’ll gut higher education, and, yes, tons of people will lose their jobs. (Some of those who will lose their jobs will be the financial types that help the rich dodge taxes since now just the short form gets them off the hooking, i.e. I make no money by actually working and all my income is skimming off the top and taxes are only based on work so my rate is zero just by the simplest of formula)

I can’t believe my eyes so I figure there is something I’m missing. There is really code in the article that the wingnuts know this is just a spoof. But good one, FauxNews, you did succeed in conning me as I still don’t get how you’re lying when you appear to be telling the truth.


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