Have you washed your brain today?

Gotta comment on this article. It seems the brain has a powered wash and rinse cycle to get rid of the crud that piles up. Maybe this works better in some people than others. Of course like any new discovery in science this means science was/is wrong, according to some people’s peculiar POV, because it keeps changing its mind when new evidence is found.

For decades, however, neuroscientists have assumed that this fluid simply carries soluble waste by slowly diffusing through tissues, then shipping its cargo out of the nervous system and eventually into the body’s bloodstream. Determining what’s really going on has been impossible until recently.

So all the previous scientists were wrong, eh. We knew it. Probably they just had an international conspiracy to lie to us and now they decided to take the wraps off.  And, of course, science never plays any role in medicine either, just look:

Iliff hypothesizes that a faulty glymphatic system may bear the blame for the over-accumulation of proteins seen in Alzheimer’s, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Huntington’s and other neurodegenerative disorders—and further study may even reveal a way to dispose of these clumps.

Now the question might be, what can we do to stimulate the growth of glial cells? Hopefully there would be some chemical we could sneak into water supplies so that the stupidity epidemic that has been flooding the U.S. could be reversed.


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