Impact of wired world – can’t live without smartphone, extensive survey

This information is a little too confusing, plus I think not broadly correct so I’ll just post an announcement of this information.

It starts with HuffPo article that then links to Time magazine (multiple articles from this page). The big conclusion is that 84% of those surveyed can’t go even a day without checking their phone. But, amusingly, HuffPo has its own poll which is now trending at about 70% saying they could easily skip a day. Time has a bunch of infographics here, that are almost more confusing than informative (I think some get carried away with infographics, more interested in cute than conveying information).

Boy, movies must be bad in India, 47% report using phone during movies whereas it’s more like 20% in other regions.

So, pick apart their data and see if there is anything you like, download the PDF of the poll results here. This poll does have a ton of results so lots to look at and the methodology seems reasonable. Hint, forget the infographics and just look at the data.


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