Was Jesus a Republican?

Not much to add, but this article did expose, via humor, the conflict between the supposed messages in the “good book” and modern Repug policies that wraps itself in xtianity piety but rarely actually follows the message.

The author, a Catholic priest, using modern language instead of antique and obscure wording creates three fake “parables” posing Jesus as a Repug. The parables are a take on actual parables that attempt to show both the humanity and compassion of Jesus. Of course that means violating the principles of greed-based economics which is the point of the parody.

I see two growing frictions in the Repug party as it marches forward to turn the U.S. into a one-party theocratic state. The Repugs have always been the party of the rich and are now running the poster boy for plutocracy as their candidate. For decades, the “social conservatives” (aka, religious wingnuts) have provided the boots on the ground to storm polling places and guarantee Repug victories. But theocrats haven’t gotten much in return. And in this primary season where the plutocrat rolled over the theocrats a lot of hostility remains, which Mittwit is attempting to heal via his woo message(s), most recently jumping in on the birther fray. This is a very real split in the Repugs where some of the wingnuts want to do a Barry Goldwater, to hell with this election, but sell their extremist theocratic message to pave the way for the “true conservative” in the next cycle. Mittwit, who simply wants to get his ticket punched and tick off another life accomplishment, could care less about any of the issues, he just panders to whoever he has to to get the votes. So regardless of the outcome of the election this basic friction will remain.

But I also see another split, that between the self-proclaimed xtians who actually believe the good parts of their message, at least the 2.0 version of the new testament, and the power-hungry theocrats who want to enforce their jihadist views on all the rest of us, using whatever means they must. The old-line xtians have a reasonable moral tradition of actually caring about all the people in a society. The Catholics, much to their credit, have demonstrated their compassion for the disadvantaged in society. But the new meaner wingnuts, influenced by their long association with the plutocrats, pick and chose their biblical lessons, ignoring compassion and morality and focusing on power and patriarchy, which is amusing given their penchant for literalism.

If the Repugs get their wish, take over two branches and then finally the third (they’ve made good progress putting ideologues in the courts, but every now and then some of those judges remember they’re supposed to look at the law, not Repug dogma, such as the recent apostasy of John Roberts or John Jones in Dover). What will they actually do once they have totalitarian control of the U.S. I predict religious wars that will make past wars in Europe with inquisitions and thumbscrews look mild in comparison. The war on terror already provides the basis for an unconstitutional purification purge where any dissenter can merely be declared a terrorist, by fiat, and do with as they choose (they won’t spend the money for more Gitmos or conventional prisons so expect plenty of backtracking on the 8th Amendment. The redneck batshit-crazy tent-religion crowd clearly don’t see the “fringe” parts of their religion (Catholics, Mormons, Witnesses) as true believers and will begin their purge of them first. Wall Street is in for trouble given the statistically greater representation of Jews, who will quickly find, as Ann Coulter said, that they can be perfected or die. With the economic collapse Repug greed policies will produce and these schisms in the wingnut faction, we’re in for a lot of bloodshed, not to mention all the old-farts that will be sent into the street to die since the money from their paychecks will have to go for tax cuts for the rich. It’s a bleak vision and hopefully one that America will recover from its current delusional state and rise up and prevent. But I fear the left will once again eat its own, via their own political correctness wars, and continue to be a clumsy opposition.

Hey, Canada, are you planning your fence, too, to stop all the illegal immigrants (refugees) from coming your way?


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  2. Ha! I just read the category you placed this post in….rant. I like it! Since the comment I wrote became somewhat enlongated for a reply (plus I needed bold & italic fonts to do it up right), I hope you don’t mind that I posted it here: http://onestillbreathing.wordpress.com/2012/08/25/comment-on-was-jesus-a-republican-post/

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