Too bad we’re not cats

I will get the cats part, below the screams.

As the religious revival is gradually getting started in Tampa, having prayed away Isaac (why do hurricanes often have biblical names?) we’re in for a deluge of non-stop wingnut sermons and it’s simply too depressing. Bat-shit crazy Bachmann has already started the parade with:

“We are looking at a spiritual hurricane in our land. And it is time for each one of us to show up and suit up and stand up and realize that in this time and in this day we pour it out for Him.”

Yes, god only loves Repugs and will lead them to the promised land of theocracy that disgraced historian Barton claims the founders always wanted. And the rest of us have to get understand the 1st amendment never meant to prevent establishment of religion.

And the Repugs will cap off the week’s war on women with the official endorsement of one of the bigger sects of fundamentalists so they can go make the world safe for bigots and child molesters:

“Cardinal Dolan’s appearance in Tampa will damage the church’s ability to be a moral and legitimate voice for voiceless, as those who view the Catholic Church as being a shill for the GOP have just a bit more evidence to prove their case,” O’Loughlin concluded.

Was there ever any doubt they are a shill for the plutocrats? I doubt that sect can do any more damage to itself than this one has already done so they might as well declare their partisan affiliation.

This is all just too depressing. It’s bad enough that eventually the theocrats will take over and impose Taliban policies on the rest of us, but we have to listen to them congratulate themselves for three days and gloat over their impending victory! And in case you have any doubts about our regimented future, note how the islamic taliban treats people who just want to have fun. Am I being too extreme here – OK, you decide, listen to the fatwas against whole segments of the U.S. population coming from Tampa.

No, time to take time off, shut off the TV, close down the Net, and hide in the basement or I might explode. Can I blog at a time when the air itself will be filled with this hate?

So I looked for some feel-good articles in the area of sanity but nothing much on the science front today. The best I could come up with this article about why cats land on their feet (or to be precise the article merely describes some confirming evidence as the answer is already known). The interesting part is:

But cats have a natural advantage in the air, at least compared to humans. A BBC article from earlier this year explains that cats don’t weigh much in comparison to their surface area, which means that they reach terminal velocity at slower speeds than a human would. A typical cat might hit terminal velocity at 60 mph, while an adult human would fall about twice as quickly.

Good for the cats. When one of them falls 80 feet it only needs “ibuprofen for stiffness and hydration as treatment.” We bulky humans will go crashing to the ground sufficiently fast we’ll just make a red splat.

And as the Repugs plot their coup in Tampa to overthrow the Constitution, to extract the remaining money from the 99.9%, to put the seniors on the street to die (no death panels, though, they won’t need to bother with that), and to install religious zealotry and commandments throughout the land I can’t help thinking about the red splat America will make when it hits the ground and wish that we were cats instead.

We’ll see if I can survive the next few days and find some less-depressing subjects to write about. So maybe by the time Isaac has completely dissipated I can come out from hiding desolate future.



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old fat (but now getting trim and fit) guy, who used to create software in Silicon Valley (almost before it was called that), who used to go backpacking and bicycling and cross-country skiing and now geodashes, drives AWD in Wyoming, takes pictures, and writes long blog posts and does xizquvjyk.
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2 Responses to Too bad we’re not cats

    • dmill96 says:

      I really couldn’t face that while channel surfing I might land on one of them speaking for a while. Thank you Isaac for protecting this night but while Louisiana is getting blasted tomorrow we’ll get the full force of their propaganda. May have to go to sleep early to make sure I miss it (although, frankly, conventions are so stupid that TV covers either one of them and I won’t listen to much of Dems either because their outrage at the Repugs will just set me off too.) For the safety of my TV I probably need to stay away from it.

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