Federal government revokes permission for travel?

When is the last time you had to ask the Federal government for permission to travel? Probably never. Do you know anyone who’s had to ask the Federal government for permission to travel?  Let’s see, under what circumstances can the Federal government deny permission to travel.

Well, if you’re in prison or some form of detention, in the Federal penal system, yes, some Federal official might say no to your travel plans. Not the case for this story.

If you’re on the terrorist no-fly list you might be denied access to aircraft, but when was the last time the Federal government said you could drive a car (oh, don’t have a driving license, sorry, states issue those not the dirty rotten Federal government) or if you don’t have a driver’s license, then ride in someone else’s car (are Federal marshals patrolling every highway looking to stop people in cars who don’t have permission slips?), or ride a bus, or a train, or a boat. Yep, we already must be leaving in some police state where the totally inept TSA or Secret Service or some obscure Federal agency is out stopping people from traveling. What does a Federal government “permission” document look like, have you ever seen one? Do you have yours?

So, tell me, exactly how can the Federal government stop anyone from traveling?

Of course, a wing-nut idiot, James O’Keefe is claiming exactly this, however without a shred of detail. Thus far only two news sources and this have reported on this, neither having any more detail. Apparently he was scheduled to be the guest speaker at a meeting in Tampa but he’s had to cancel due to “federal government has revoked permission for him to travel to Tampa.” Now implied in this, given the word, ‘revoked’, one would think that somehow the Federal had previously given “permission” (again, who needs the Federal government’s permission to go to Tampa) and now has withdrawn it. Details, James, all your website claims is you’ll provide these in some secret conference with your fellow wingnuts.

So no specific information but a claim that the nasty ole Federal government is trying to keep this person from going and talking.

Now the only hint I’ve been able to find about how this person might somehow be restricted is that once before he cancelled going the New Hampshire because he’d be issued a criminal grand jury subpoena. Duh, New Hampshire is not the “Federal” government. And if somehow it’s the Federal government trying to issue the subpoena they can do that whether James is hiding out.

In short this story, especially given the utter lack of details, doesn’t even begin to make sense. So this wingnut is just making this up to raise the paranoia of his wingnut colleagues, you know, the old black helicopter, evil agents creeping around kind of nonsense.

Now why would the Federal government somehow be persecuting poor ole James O’Keefe anyway (and who in the Federal government did this, POTUS, SCOTUS, Congress, some agency? We’ll never know since whoever it is believed to be exists only in O’Keefe’s imagination). Well, he’s the infamous film-maker (and that term has to be used very loosely) who “exposed” evil Acorn. Of course, as a consequence of that effort he broke some laws plus violating rights of other people, some of whom are, in fact, trying to sue him. But of course this is all just part of the persecution undoubtedly ordered by the Nigerian pretender of some other shadowy part of the “Federal” government (maybe Seal Team 6 is after him?)

The wingnuts live not just in the Repug bubble of denial and made-up facts, they also live in some alternative reality where their imagination of non-existent powers of the government are real. This is called delusional thinking.

So the next thing then, is the Federal government denying this idiot his meds?

p.s. Maybe O’Keefe is trying to compete with Limbot for who can be the craziest. In this story, it’s clear Limbot dropped another dog whistle to the insane:

To hear Limbaugh tell it, though, that was the point. “With none of this am I alleging conspiracy,” he said on Monday.

He went on to note that the Hurricane Center that monitors such things is “the regime,” as he put it. “It’s the government. It’s Obama.”

“What could be better for the Democrats than the Republicans to cancel a day of this?” he said. “…I’m alleging no conspiracy. I’m just telling you, folks, when you put this all together in this timeline, I’m telling you, it’s unbelievable!”

Unbelievable, eh? Now he wants to believe advance weather models. Of course the Hurricane Center can precisely forecast, plus lie, and then revise. Well the rest of the wingnuts will believe this.

These delusional fanatics could just be ignored as mildly amusing but of course the Repugs are about to nominate someone who is beholden to this crowd and subscribes to all sorts of other provably false ideas. But that is just the opportunistic greedy crowd. What about you, Mr/Ms Voter, if you want to believe this I suggest you seek the help of a mental health professional.


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