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As usual couldn’t resist – 2

Love these cartoons, but I’ll only copy a few like this one I can’t resist.

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Who was my ancestor?

I have blue eyes, not terribly unusual, but apparently of an interesting origin. According to this article all people with blue eyes have a single ancestor. A mutation arose in that ancestor some time in the past 6,000 to 10,000 years. … Continue reading

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Markets are not rational

A key premise of most financial theory is that markets are always rational and correctly price all assets. Under this logic there is no such thing as a bubble. Alan Greenspan did and still does believe this. Yet bubbles do … Continue reading

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Sourdough loaf

Check this link for more of my bread posts. After several flops I finally got some good results: Adapting the Lahey recipe to use sourdough starter has proved to be tricky. My first try was a miserable flop. I used … Continue reading

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Huskers will win over Wisconsin

I’m certainly not basing this prediction on last week’s appalling mugging of Idaho State where the Huskers took out years of frustration on a hapless opponent. That game proved nothing except that the team can be bullies and the fan’s … Continue reading

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Big surprise: Murdoch denies climate change, a lot

In this article an independent group has surveyed FauxNews and WallStreetRipoffJournal for accuracy on climate change. No big surprise, FauxNews is wrong 93% of the time and WSJ 81% (the more amusing question is how did they screw up and … Continue reading

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The election is over now

First there was the news that Mittens’ lead with seniors was almost completely erased shortly after he picked Mr. Kill-Medicare Ryan (no fooling those greyhairs where R&R expect to get the money for their tax cuts for the rich). But … Continue reading

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