Huskers will win

This is a fairly safe prediction as the various individual lineups seem to favor the Huskers. The slight problem is UCLA is a team with a real home field advantage and with Husker defense still learning so the lack of crowd support may hurt. UCLA has a high-powered offense, probably a little better than the Huskers since it’s going to take multiple high yardage games to convince me Huskers will pass consistently instead of fall back in their comfort zone of too much running. If Rex stays out that will help because it reduces the run game enough the pass game must succeed, but an early interception will freak Taylor out.

So I predict a win, but not a blowout. I think it will be a tight win, probably with a key defensive play. If the offense gets off-key right away (Taylor is still a moody guy) Huskers could dump the game. In the old days the offense could be off and the defense would win it, but not any more. The offense has to have a good game but probably won’t match UCLA’s since they don’t view the pass as a commie plot. If Taylor starts running again you’ll know he’s having a bad day. Fortunately he won’t have fans cheering when he screwed up and turned the called play into a desperation run.

Huskers by 4.


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One Response to Huskers will win

  1. dmill96 says:

    The Huskers reverted to form and lost. Taylor’s early run set the stage for a run dominated offense and it failed to deliver. The answer, according to the local press, more running, of course. Many of the press articles only take about the run, completely ignoring the pass. Nebraska just doesn’t get it, a one-dimensional offense is easy to defeat. The Huskers started well, with balanced plays and up-tempo had the Bruins back on their heels. But the Bruins packed plenty of offensive punch so it looked like it would become a shootout.

    But then Taylor started missing (or, more often, the receivers dropped the ball) and confidence fell. So then Taylor fell back into tuck and run, trying to win the game by himself and the Bruin defense quickly keyed on this, even getting a safety. So instead of matching UCLA in a shootout the Huskers stopped rolling up the yards and the game was over, even before the interception that was the last nail in the coffin of confidence and then back to run after run, which the Bruins often stuffed.

    Meanwhile the defense gave up the most yards of any of Bo’s games. Playing against a balanced and up-tempo offense the defense just couldn’t hold and spent a lot of time chasing ball carriers that busted free. When Bo first came in he had the talent Callahan had recruited but couldn’t coach. Bo can coach, but not recruit so as the defense has become his team it has fallen to lower performance.

    So now what. With the papers screaming for Rex back and two doormats ahead, I predict Huskers will give up what worked in the first game and go back to refining the run. That will leave them short of offense so no matter how Bo revs up the defense it’s going to be hard to win games against quality offenses. The only good name on that score is that the Big 10 sucks and will make it easier. The Huskers could easily end up in the Rose Bowl again and probably half the Pac-12 teams can beat them, given Oregon State did in Wisconsin. Big 10 power football just can’t win against high offense tempo of Pac-12 and without a stellar defense can’t stay in the game.

    I might have boosted Huskers to 11-1, but with -1 already done, they’ll probably loss at least one more in Big-10 so now 10-2 looks like a challenge.

    But who am I to say. Critics will say I don’t know Nebraska football. Right, but Nebraska doesn’t know offense football either. It’s not the players, it’s not even the play calling, it’s just the whole mentality that just doesn’t dare to use the pass offensively. If anything it’s the fans more than anything else because they want defensive ball-control games and the coaches and players will try to give it to them. And then lose.

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