Huskers: Finally someone will say the obvious

At last, someone who actually gets paid to comment has finally pointed the fickle finger at  the Huskers’ woes, Bo Pelini. Because he yells and screams and kicks up defense (ignoring he is clueless about offense) Bo is a big hero to the fans. Order was restored when commie west coast Callahan was kicked out and the great Bo was finally installed. Everything is great, except one detail – the Huskers are nowhere near a national championship game.

[Added: This article is a bit more focused on the flaws and not the personality so much, but basically comes to the same conclusion. And here’s the blame-the-players article.]

Last year I was surfing some site that was reporting all the recruiting stats for the college programs. When it came to any quality players (assuming one can believe rankings of high school kids) Nebraska was AWOL. All the powerhouse Big-10 teams did much better. And so I actually looked at the “stars” the Huskers had and they were all Callahan recruits.

So now after five years it’s finally Bo’s team and quite possibly the defensive wizard has the worst defense in memory, mostly due to a lack of talent.

But the article starts by reporting another important player has quit the team, the 4th in two years. Maybe he’s tired of Bo’s spittle all over him from the abusive yelling Bo loves to dish out on the sidelines and then Bo takes his tranqs to calm down enough to merely be nasty to the press after the games. This guy needs some very serious therapy. Intense, fired-up, passionate – fine, abusive, degrading, nasty – no.

Now I’m absolutely nobody when it comes to commenting on Husker football so the ardent fans will denounce all criticism and continue rah-rah we’re-the-best stuff; dissing Bo could get rocks thrown through my windows but it’s time to get a coach who can recruit, who can treat players with respect while still enthusiastically motivating them, and who accepts that offense wins games (that’s still a challenge for the fans who hate offense and would watch the entire game on defense if they could, the only purpose of offense here is to give the defense a rest, and recently criticism of the offense for up-tempo because it’s not giving the defense enough rest).

If Nebraska is ever going to see top 10 again or especially national championship they’re going to have to recognize their cherished past isn’t worth diddly in today’s world. You have to play the game in a way that can win big games and that means a potent offense. And you have to recruit the players who can win. And you have to find a way to convince receivers that if they come to Nebraska they’ll get chances to catch the ball and just not block all the time which is definitely not going to get them a NFL slot. It’s 2012 not the 1980s and like everything else here conservative is just going to get you left behind. Just yelling is not enough and it’s actually counter-productive.

p.s. I don’t know how to motivate football players per se, but I don’t think any of the people I ever managed would be motivated if I’d said my people had “sickened” me. I’m sure that’s got them all fired up for the next game. Fear and humiliation are not the best motivators in most cases, I doubt they apply to football either.


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