Huskers will win big over Arkansas State

Despite my criticism in the previous post, the Huskers are like the U.S., so powerful even a bad leader (Dumbya, Bo) can’t bring them all the way down. In front of a home crowd who expects a win and despite (instead of due to) Bo’s abuse I think they will be fired up. If they drop this game the season is over so I think the team will be motivated.

Arkansas State is getting press that it’s a worthy opponent, but with Oregon scoring 50 pts against it, just in a half – nope, don’t think so. This is a team that sometimes rises and plays over its head, but wait until it sees Memorial stadium and a crowd out for blood. [Note to self, bring headphones, the woman who sits behind me will be yelling, Kill Him, all day long, and, btw, she does mean that literally].

The only question is what offense will they bring. It’s hard to say but I think they’re steadily heading back to old conservative stuff so I expect a heavy run game. Against a non big-10 team the Huskers can probably just out-muscle and thus get back to predictable 3-yards-and-cloud-of-dust football. If Arkansas State’s backers are slow, then Taylor will have his I’ll-win-it-myself hero day of hustling around the end. Look for record amounts of rushing yardage.

Apparently Bo decided all he has to worry about playing is old-fashioned Big-10 teams so he bulked up and slowed down the defense but in this game he’ll want to prove he can play against the spread. So look for a bunch of defensive penalties and possibly a couple of cheap shots (lots of off-camera trash, too). The defense is tired of Bo’s yelling at them so they’re going to try to take out their anger on someone else. [Added: Just noticed ArkState rolled up 530 yards against Oregon, but don’t think that means much since Oregon has offense and just outscores opponents, so not exactly a powerhouse defense. I predict less than 300 yards (well below their 575 average) and at least one pick]

I’d put the spread at 20.


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One Response to Huskers will win big over Arkansas State

  1. dmill96 says:

    Well the Huskers pulled it off, beating my spread and even the official spread. It was a boring game typical of the standard Husker win over doormat teams, run up the score earlier, and then switch to burn-the-clock ball control so the fans can have fresh defense on the field and then beat up the other team. Well, Huskers don’t get too used to this because the rest of the games won’t be so easy. OTOH, Wisconsin obviously sucks (two near-losses, even less offense than the Huskers have), Michigan, Michigan State – unimpressive. The Huskers might win the Big 10 and then get royally thrashed by the Pac-12, or in the unlikely circumstance they could advance to #2, then by Alabama.

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