Repugs distancing themselves from Romney

It’s fairly clear many of the Repug political class believe he’s going to lose. This article is just one more nail in the coffin (I like their play on words, “Mitt storm”). And they want to jump off the sinking ship, esp. with a lot of I-told-you-so’s. The extreme right is so isolated in their alternative reality they believe the majority of the public is in the same blind anger mode they are, so naturally they believe a red-meat in-the-gutter dirty campaign is just the right thing and so they criticize Mittwit for not being nasty enough. The “moderates” (if that word and republicans can even be used together) are forecasting more losses down-ticket if the existing level of extremism continues, so they want Mittens to lay off the negative stuff, esp. negative stuff coming from his contempt of ordinary people. Furthermore the political operatives all think this is just ‘message’ and campaign staff flubs that can be fixed with a simple reset, ignoring that they have an awful candidate and are stuck with all the hatred their extreme faction is pouring out.

I suspect Mittens is riding above it all, thinking it’s all much ado about nothing, just a blip in his charmed life. Ryan wants to be unleashed, but even his statements of support for Romney show his contempt for Romney. Of course, Ryan is the hyper-egotistical one who thinks he’s the one with the political skills, IOW, another Palin. So is “unleashing Ryan” the same as Palin’s “going rogue”? I suspect the dissension within the campaign will only grow.

And a few of the down-ticket people are getting nervous. A Romney wipeout could take them with him. For the first time Elizabeth Warren is leading Scott Brown and so look for Brown to continue to claim moderate status and distance himself even further. But these folks have a problem: how do you distance yourself from the top-of-the-ticket, when the real problem is the platform (I use this literally and figuratively). The Repugs have turned so much into the party of hate and contempt for “others” that how can someone like Brown disavow all of it – why should he even be a Repug at all if he’s not in sync with the rest of the party?

The big money guys with their hall pass from Scalia (Citizens United) to do unlimited spending are going to get restless. Adelson was simply making a wise investment; his spending was less than the tax breaks he’ll get. But if Mittens isn’t going to win and maybe a few Repugs here and there will also get wiped out, he’s betting on the wrong horse and so will he not be so hot to spend. Wall Street, who has no convictions but greed, may decide Obama is going to win so they’d better get back in his good graces and so they’ll switch sides with their money. That just leaves the nasty guys, like our local asshole Ricketts, who then may think they can do scorched earth and just dirty up Obama enough (or they hold the delusion they can actually beat him) so he can’t do anything in second term.

Ricketts was stupid enough to believe bringing Rev. Wright up again was going to do something; that’s just politically stupid. Back in 2008 it might have done something but after four years of seeing Obama (and never once seeing Wright in the White House or anywhere else) that issue doesn’t bite. Besides the haters on the Repug right have already declared him totally to be moooslem scary-man Kenyan and the front-man for international conspiracy to turn U.S. into Iran, how can bringing up Wright make Obama look any more extreme (in fact, Wright would backfire because it would dispute the muslim charge by showing Obama is xtian). But in the bubble Rickets lives in, hateful lies and dirty tricks still work, so count on him to throw as much dirt as possible.

So unless Obama makes some big mistake or the Israelis do something to create world chaos or Wall Street decides to crash the markets Mittens is probably toast. But all the vicious stuff the next 40 days will bring up will leave a really bad taste for everyone and everyone’s well will be poisoned. So look for a vicious rear-guard fight between Congress and Obama that makes previous fights look tame, including probably another impeachment attempt.

The partisan divide that was already so bad is likely to get far worse and a civil war, possibly beyond words, will be the outcome of this election.


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old fat (but now getting trim and fit) guy, who used to create software in Silicon Valley (almost before it was called that), who used to go backpacking and bicycling and cross-country skiing and now geodashes, drives AWD in Wyoming, takes pictures, and writes long blog posts and does xizquvjyk.
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