Killing your kid is OK with god and then approved by the courts

It’s not a new story. It happens all the time. We shrug it off as someone else’s problem. A kid dies. The parents that killed the kid get off free with a promise they won’t kill their other kids but of course they don’t renounce, even a tiny bit, the views that motivated them to already kill a kid. How many more will they have to kill before the courts act?

Of course I’m talking about a wackaloon xtian sect that takes some verse of the bible literally (their interpretation of “literal”, of course, not even shared with their fellow wackaloons) and determine that medical care for the kids is a sin. So an obviously dying kid that a trivial operation can save is allowed to die amidst all the wailing amen and praise jebus cries.  We should publish the name of this sect of baby-killers, the same way they would undoubtedly picket an Planned Parenthood clinic:

General Assembly and Church of the First Born

And let’s publish the names of the actual baby-killers:

Russel and Brandi Bellew

The article says:

The case is one of many in which parents have been held criminally responsible for neglecting to seek medical attention for their children.

What criminally responsible? – probation! I bet I can’t go out and commit negligent homicide (and why such a puny charge) and just get probation. So some judge over-interprets the First Amendment and decides it justifies killing your kid.

Hey, I think I’ll try that. I know some adulterers, I’ll go stone them to death and claim I’m just exercising my religion. I know some people down the block I don’t like much so I’ll go put them in chains to be my slaves and claim I’m just exercising my religion. I can find justification for all sorts of evil in their book of fables and myths to justify lots of heinous crimes, hey, judge, just exercising my First Amendment rights.

Somewhere there is a cliche that the Constitution is “not a suicide pact”. I also don’t believe the Constitution is a cover story to allow primitive and unauthentic words to be interpreted by some modern day lunatics to commit crimes. But we continue to bow down to non-existent god(s) that many of us don’t believe in and justify all sorts of filth and despicable behavior while then simultaneously using the same myths to deny all sorts of rights to others. Sorry, folks, something is wrong here and it needs to change.


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3 Responses to Killing your kid is OK with god and then approved by the courts

  1. Imagine how the friends of that kid feel; I don’t imagine they’re looking too kindly on the parents right now. Christian Scientists are much the same although nothing has been publicized recently. It seems like there is a divide here just like there is in American politics. You either espouse to religion (literally in this case) or science. Why can’t science be an extension of religion for these folks? Why cannot doctors and hospitals be an extension of churches, temples, synagogues, mosques or wherever places of worship exist?

    • dmill96 says:

      AFAIK the Christian Science folks will seek medical care in extreme cases so this may be the only sect that completely refuses it. There wasn’t enough detail to determine what their doctrine was but presumably, after the literalism, it is then also “test of faith” kind of thing. Of course I’d think after your child dies that would be good reason to doubt the faith, but they probably go into we-didn’t-believe-enough and blame themselves.

      Some of the anti-religion factions now want to start working on banning religion, which might seem absurd given its Constitutional protection, but OTOH, slavery was also protected by full weight of law and eventually the tide turned against it. Slavery had the same basic justification as religion does (i.e. sticking to old ideas that had no moral foundation). So the attack would be that religion is child abuse and therefore as immoral as slavery is and so a great movement, over several generations, might be able to eventually outlaw it. Frankly, I think it’s more likely we’ll become the xtian Iran, with all the purges and burnings.

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