To: Bibi. Stay out of our politics!

Benjamin Netanyahu (known as “Bibi” to his friends, not me) is mucking about in U.S. politics to try to force us to fight his war with Iran in order to maintain Israel’s monopoly on nuclear weapons in the middle East (yes, Israel has them, despite their denials, and unlike Iran, they aren’t part of the treaty, which Iran is, that allows inspectors).

This article describes this meddling in partisan politics. Bibi, I regret to say hails from my alma mater and I wish he’d stuck with architecture, or even finance at Goldman Sachs where he’d merely be stealing out money. Bibi and his primitive Likud party are batshit crazy and would love us to attack Iran, so he’s trying to create a campaign issue to bluff Obama. Witless Mittwit, of course, endorses war as some wedge issue to try to grab some U.S. Jewish votes (and Sheldon Adelson’s money). Mittens assumes Obama will be sane and thus resist the rush to war and then he, Mittwit, can claim to be the champion of Israel.

Israel is doing all this for a simple reason. Despite all their bluster and threats Israel does not have the military means to destroy Iran’s nuke facilities. In fact, various studies by the U.S. military indicate an extremely difficult mission with significant losses of material and personnel, plus high civilian casualties with no guarantee of success. The feeble IDF simply doesn’t have the forces for this mission and the most they can do is stir up the hornet’s nest with some impotent raid and a few bombs, hopefully to provoke Iran into doing something stupid (like closing the Persian Gulf) which will then force the U.S. to act.

The article suggests there is some sanity in the U.S.,

One well-connected insider has told me that many in the American Jewish community think Mr Netanyahu has been brazen and insolent, that his tactic has backfired.

so let’s hope it is true. But Mittens is desperate for any chance to reverse his declining fortunes so even if it means a war (just another business opportunity)  just so he can get elected, so be it (it’s hard to find a worse opportunist, a good enough reason by itself to reject Mittwit).

The article, however, is a little more optimistic and says:

So, my insider believes that having raised the possibility of war, “made everyone’s flesh creep, and marched us up to the top of the mountain”, the Israel leader is now looking for a “gilded ladder” to climb down.

Let’s hope so, but in trying to second guess fanatics, like Bibi and Mittens, it’s the default assumption not to assume rationality.

So Bibi’s “climb down” is just to pressure President Obama into an unwise decision which clearly Obama and anyone else sane is resisting.

There’s a belief that superficially, what Mr Netanyahu wants is simple. He would like to pressure Mr Obama to promise he will take military action, so Israel need not go it alone. But he will not be given this assurance. [my emphasis]

Again, let’s hope so, on both counts. But we all know about October surprises, so if Mittens is going to lose, as it currently appears, look for him to give the green light to Bibi to start the war, with a useless pinpick attack, so to pressure Obama to act. I hope I’m wrong, but I fear I’m not.

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