Huskers will win over Wisconsin

I’m certainly not basing this prediction on last week’s appalling mugging of Idaho State where the Huskers took out years of frustration on a hapless opponent. That game proved nothing except that the team can be bullies and the fan’s have a real blood lust to see other teams humiliated.

No, I’m calling this one because Wisconsin has proven to be so weak. If the Huskers play with a primitive offense Wisconsin is downright prehistoric. Do they know anything except power rushing? Last year Wisconsin handily clobbered the Huskers, but: a) Nebraska was horribly over-confident (Big 10, oh sure, we’ll win that in our first try), and, b) it was an away game where there was plenty of red, but now for the other team.

So this year it will be grudge match and now with home field advantage. The only way the Huskers can lose is to revert entirely to a run game because they want to emulate Wisconsin. Then Taylor will do one of his stupid be-the-hero and use his feet instead of his brain moves and get clobbered. But if they can at least do a little of the balanced offense they showed in the first game (not the passing for stats after already winning the game running, like they did all last year and since the first game) they’ll have more offense than Wisconsin’s 3-yards-in-cloud-of-dust offense from the 1950s and beat them the same way any Pac12 team will beat whoever the Big10 champ is – offense (I know, it’s a dirty word in Big10). Plus the size-based clumsy defense was recruited for a Wisconsin type team and so when the defense plays a team with 3 plays in a couple of variations, none of them depending on speed or skill, the blackshirts will get their chance to crush some people.

It’s not going to be a big spread because Bo really wants this one and once he’s ahead he will go for the most conservative possible offense, so that will leave a small chance, when Wisconsin gets desperate late in the game and actually tries some offense they might get lucky.

p.s. On Friday all the predictions strongly favor Nebraska. The average is 32-18, the maximum spread is 38-13, the minimum spread is 26-24. Given Wisconsin has no offense and Memorial Stadium eats new QBs, I’ll predict 45-10, because Wisconsin has no offense and Nebraska will run up the score in 3rd and 4th quarters. It will be tight for a while because Nebraska will want to run and that’s against Wisconsin’s strength, so 0-0 is possible in first quarter. But eventually Nebraska will get +10 and then finally decide to pass to run up the score and Wisconsin will be beat by that time and give up. If Nebraska would open with an aggressive offense it could be 21-3 in the first quarter, but the fans want a ground game and Rex and Taylor as heroes, with their feet, so it will still be a slow start.


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One Response to Huskers will win over Wisconsin

  1. dmill96 says:

    Well over than that the Huskers won my prediction wasn’t very accurate. Clearly all the trash talk, plus general intimidation, got the Huskers off to a poor start. They were clearly jittery at the beginning and quickly made mistakes that seemed to be leading to an upset.

    But Wisconsin proved it is a totally one-dimensional team with essentially no offense other than brute force. It was just amazing to watch them continue to call plays for Ball to run even though it was obvious the Husker defense was dialed into that and was stopping Ball cold. The lack of any other offense allowed Nebraska to ignore the occasional lucky desperation pass and just play against a totally predictable offense.

    I wasn’t happy with Taylor deciding to play hero and run, but it admittedly did open up the game. Having three distinctly difference rushing attacks, plus a little passing, shows that balance totally defeats a brute force defense. Toward the end of the game, especially with the home crowd enthusiasm, the Huskers seemed to gain energy exactly as Wisconsin was noticeably tired.

    So the Huskers win a game that should have never been close against another really mediocre Big10 team that hasn’t learned how to play 21st century football. Fortunately it looks like Ohio State is equally stupid and I think I’ll be changing my prediction and going with the idea Nebraska will easily win the Big10 and then having gotten used to stupid offenses get clobbered in the Rose Bowl (quite possibly by UCLA again since Oregon is going to National Championship, at last)

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