Huskers will destroy Spartans

I am so sick of the traditional Big10’s chauvinism that allows them to think a horrible team with utterly no offense, like Michigan State, can beat the Big10’s best offensive team. And the constant drumbeat of how wonderful Denard Robinson is (nowhere near the runner Taylor is) just because he’s the only offense Michigan has (which the Huskers stuffed last week, even before he was hurt).

These traditionalists are rah-rah on these horrible teams, who think offense is a Commie plot and think football really is rugby, just pushing and shoving of monster brutes. I read over and over how the winner of this game will be the one that dominates the run game. Bo, I hope you’re not listening to this crap; it is a rope-a-dope thing to try to get you to play Michigan State’s game, i.e. run into the teeth of the only defense they’ve got. Bo, if there was ever a time to emulate Oregon this is it. The Spartans can hardly make it to double digit scores and take all day crunching out field goals. So take it to them – this is the one for the shootout and revenge for OSU. Throw the offense into high gear, forget this nonsense of trying to sucker you into running, and throw, throw, throw; let Taylor get a record in the air and trounce the utterly mediocre hapless team by 60 points.

If you lose this one Bo you deserve to be fired because it means you let them get in your head and tighten you up and play stupidly because of the legendary Big10 awesomeness (only in their head, they’re the worst major conference there is). Don’t fall for it, Bo – beat these guys, badly, with offense!



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One Response to Huskers will destroy Spartans

  1. dmill96 says:

    Well they just barely pulled it out. MSU showed up with some offense for this game (they probably realized they’d be up against a high-scoring offense and had to try to match it, rather than the cautious slug-it-out they love so much). Anyway the Huskers were mostly keying on Bell and so MSU completed a few passes (probably a record for them) and thus ended up behind by the 4th quarter. But MSU stupidly punted the ball to them with just over a minute (for a team that takes a minute per 10 yards, they probably figured 80 yards (vs 50 if they’d gone for the 4th down) would be deadly, but of course, they don’t understand a passing offense. If they’d gone for the 4th and made it they would have won, but they mistakenly assumed that no one can score in just over a minute (hey, MSU, welcome to the modern world, have you ever watched Oregon?)). Nebraska, with their usual sloppiness, nonetheless decided give up and pulled it out (including some sound defense). Bye-bye sluggish Big10 teams.

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