Finally it’s over

I can breath again, now free from the trash commercials from the zillionaires and safe for a couple of years from the tea baggers (although now have one from home state, a sad loss; a total crook against an honorable man; good try, Bob!). The Repugs are crying in their beer that they just needed to be more extreme (do Akin and Mourdock get your attention?) and Sarah Palin can’t believe “real America” (can there be any place more “real” than Iowa) voted for Obama (I guess truth still can’t penetrate the alternate universe bubble).

Some of the Repugs are actually claiming victory saying this election proves they’re right because Obama didn’t win as big as last time, right, folks – first prez to get re-elected in bad times, must be that your guy and policies are really bad! (Time to abandon vaginal probes and harassing brown people).  But the biggest fat fool was fun to watch on FauxNews last night, Karl “Porky Pig” Rove, claiming Ohio was going to go for Romney when Fox had already called it for Obama. The right now lives in such a fact-free and extreme bubble that we potentially have to view Fox as “moderate” now.

But really I think that Karl is very very nervous about after to go back to all those rich guys and explain how he spent hundreds of millions of their money and has nothing to show for it. The special interests realized Romney was probably a lost cause so they went after Senate control. The result of all that massive spending: +2 for the Dems. Way to go, Crossroads PACs! Now Akin and Mourdock don’t prove anything about Rove, since those two candidates are insane and the Repugs should have never let them run; and our Deb “Land Thief” Fischer proves nothing since a hard red state unthinkingly votes for the extreme right.

So I think the real contest is Jon Tester. Tester is proof the Dems don’t insist on ideological purity, as the Repugs did and still do. In most states Tester would be a Repug but in Montana he’s the moderate. So Rove and the Kochs thought they could beat him, with their $30M in outside spending (esp. tasty for them since Montana stood up against Citizens United, and thus was a double heresy). So a very independent Tester stood up against the bought-and-paid-for Rove/Koch candidate and won.

Which leads me to 2016. If Hillary isn’t going to run in 2016 and somehow Cuomo doesn’t break out of the pack, my money’s on Brian Schweitzer for president. Bringing in an unconventional westerner and a governor to fight whatever Latino darling the Repugs put up (their only lesson-learned, don’t run another really white guy) might just turn even more of the map blue. And with Jennifer Granholm as veep this ticket could push the Repugs just back into their bastions of hate in the south and religious fanaticism in the midwest and maybe begin the final scenes in the inevitable disintegration of the Repug party.

Yes, the Repug party no longer makes sense. Its only purpose is to steal for the rich. But the rich need foot soldiers and some reliable electoral votes so they sell hate, hate for “others”, hate by sanctimonious religious nuts against women and for the “chosen” (poorly educated white males). But the rich don’t really care about all that social nonsense, it’s just the looting of the country, taking whatever assets are left they haven’t yet stolen and lets the brown shirts have the social crap. And that’s the conflict. That’s why Iowa is blue. The folks in Iowa, even the religious nuts, just aren’t that mean and vicious. They don’t hate the way the bigots in the south do. They still have a shred of the old midwestern sensibility of distrusting the robber barons. They may disagree with gays but they don’t want to burn them at the stake. They may not like the darkening of average skin color but they don’t want to reinstate slavery. They’re conservative but fair. And Montana, semi-weirdo real liberatarian conservative but freedom for everyone, not just their side prevails. Here and there are pockets of a new conservative movement. One where the rich can get richer, but not have it all. One where individual liberty is available to all and using religion to deny others rights is seen as hypocritical view of “smaller government”.

But also I do believe, and the Repugs will suffer because they don’t get this, that the public is fed up with the politics of no. The whole Chris Christie incident proves that. There is a notion that “good government is good politics”. I don’t know whether Christie (as some claim) really loves New Jersey and sincerely wants to help every person (not just his crowd) there (a great motive and full credit to him if it’s really true) or if he, somewhat cynically/realistically, just thinks he should do his job, i.e. provide good government, and he will be rewarded politically for doing his job, rather than grandstanding as the congressional Repugs will continue to do. But the Repug purity knives are out to get him, for how dare he take any help and work cooperatively with Obama (to help his constituents, perhaps, like he was elected to do!). When a Repug is torn down by his comrades for doing his job and helping the citizens of his state, the Repugs have gone too far in their partisan hate.

The U.S. public is more optimistic than I thought. They’re more like Iowa, conservative, maybe, but not mean-spirited, not so completely cynical (or merely pessmistic like me). They believe problems can be solved. They believe cooperation is not an evil thing. They believe difference is freedom, not enforced homogeneity. They believe supporting someone else’s rights means preserving their own rights, just as the Constitution intended. So ultimately this mean and greedy Repug party will founder and from the wreckage a new conservative party that actually believes in America will be born. Not by 2016, it will take multiple defeats to finally destroy the evil Rove/Limbot/Norquist/Koch coalition, but it will happen.

Schweitzer in 2016!


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old fat (but now getting trim and fit) guy, who used to create software in Silicon Valley (almost before it was called that), who used to go backpacking and bicycling and cross-country skiing and now geodashes, drives AWD in Wyoming, takes pictures, and writes long blog posts and does xizquvjyk.
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