Logical consistency, like facts, are optional for GOP

I find two totally contradictory arguments being put out by Repug pundits remarkable.

First is the Rove meme (to CYA against wasting all the zillionaire’s mob money and try to avoid a hit) that Obama “suppressed the vote.” Now this is the usual Repug-style lie, totally misusing the word ‘suppress’. Despite the headline Rove doesn’t actually assert, unlike the actual actions of Repug secretaries of state and/or legislatures to suppress vote (meaning, don’t let people vote), there was any actual vote suppression by Dems. It’s just that Obama’s negative campaignboo-hoo, as though, after an entire season of listening the relentless attacks by Repugs and Rove’s moneymen, only Dems had negative attacks) somehow discouraged would-be Repug voters from showing up. (Note: The Repugs ignore the hints that the evangelicals did as they said they’d do and that is not vote for a mormon, look at Iowa details, folks).

Yet the Repugs then simultaneously crow, as evidence that they really did win (again, don’t let facts in the bubble) that they picked up votes among all sorts of factions (their spin would make it sound like a landslide for them, too bad, the totals (there’s that arithmetic problem again) don’t match). But they admit to an obvious number, that is, that Romney got 2M less votes than McCain, which they claim is Reagan Democrats turned off by Obama’s voter suppression.

Now given a drop of merely 2M votes for their side, their evidence of voter suppression, then they simultaneously cheer about the 9M vote drop on Obama’s side (of course, that was people disenchanted with Obama, not Repug voter suppression (actual and via negative campaigning)). So this gives them reason to cheer, the reduced vote for Obama.

So a minus in one case means “voter suppression” and a minus in another case means “massive loss of support”.

In short, as usual, both making up facts (btw, the “momentum” really was there, Romney really was ahead by 8% and on a sure path to get 330 electoral votes, unlike Chris Christie stole it for Obama) and cherry-picking some pseudo-facts and applying illogical and inconsistent spin on them persists.

My conclusion: Go for it, Repugs. Continue to live in a fact- and logic-free world of imaginary center-right country where people only vote for Dems because they want free stuff. Believe your delusions, really wallow in them. Listen only to Fox and live in your echo-chamber bubble. Convince yourself Democrats are not legitimate and only takers and your scumbag crook Wall Street types are really doing god’s work, who, btw, really does believe he controls women’s bodies. Believe all your myths! Because the more you continue to live in an alternate reality where not only science but even math doesn’t penetrate, then you’ll continue to lose any election you can’t gerrymander. Keep on losing, losers, because you deny reality and believe that repeating your talking points, aka lies, over and over, makes them true.

I can’t wait for the spin you’ll have after your next loss in 2016 where you do a little cosmetic change with a bit browner faces, but continue all the same neanderthal policies and get beat yet again. Forward to the dark ages!


About dmill96

old fat (but now getting trim and fit) guy, who used to create software in Silicon Valley (almost before it was called that), who used to go backpacking and bicycling and cross-country skiing and now geodashes, drives AWD in Wyoming, takes pictures, and writes long blog posts and does xizquvjyk.
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