Yes, Let’s teach the “controversy”, all the “controversies”

Since I’m going to plug them I decree it’s OK to show their images. At the site you can get some t-shirts to show how you feel.

I particularly like Babe the Blue Ox and Paul Bunyan because I actually believed this myth (sorta) when I was little. My family once went on a Minnesota vacation, when I was probably about 6, and I saw the Statue at Bemidji. Of course I was physically little then and so the statue seemed huge. Later when I moved from Boston to California for my first job after grad school I stopped again and was hugely disappointed to see how small the statue now seemed. Since then, for me, a “Paul Bunyan” is a repeat of an experience that seemed really significant/cool before and now is not so impressive.

But my personal anecdote aside, these t-shirt images do show the absurdity of the “Teach the Controversy” movement, the latest con of the religinuts to sneak creationism in the schools. Gradually people are getting this – there are some issues where there are not two sides. If I say 2+2=5 that is: a) wrong, absolutely, b) stupid or ignorant of me to believe it, or, c) a massive lie if I say it when I know it is false (as most of the creationist lie since their spin about creationism is so contrived and ridiculous it is obvious lying).

But interestingly these “Teach the Controversy” crowd is not big on teaching real controversies, like: a) did jesus really exist (given there is no evidence he did), b) is the bible the word of god or of a roman emperor (given records of the Council of Nicea), c) are the books of new testament forgeries (given all the historical critical analysis of people like Bart Ehrman). Hey, while we’re in the process of teaching controversies let’s talk about those, for which there is far more evidence (of multiple points of view) than there is on any science vs religion debate. No, don’t want to talk about these – I guess you’re not really interested in a search for truth.

So these sanctimonious fools who think they’re being so clever by encouraging “critical reasoning” are the worst sorts of liars and so please get one of these t-shirts (to supplement your blasphemous fish icon I know you already have) to show the stupid idiot and intellectually dishonest religinuts exactly where to shove it.


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