GOP “surprised”?

After refraining from political comments since the election I can’t resist at least a brief comment on the kabuki of the Repugs, their faux anguish, the occasional feigned outrage, and all the other theatrics they’re trying to use to avoid facing the simple issue that taxes on the rich, their key issue for 3 decades is finally going to get dented.

The headlines today indicate they are “surprised” at Obama’s proposal. The media is right in that the only “surprise” is that Timmie (Give-the-Banks-Anything) Geithner, even though on his way out, actually delivered the same proposal today as Obama did four weeks ago. In short, the Repugs thought Obama was just doing PR and behind the scenes, via his minions, he’d go along with Repug nonsense.

So the surprise is that, after four years, Obama is not immediately caving to the bluffing and threats and hostage-taking of the Repugs. They still can’t quite believe they lost the election (daily more and more articles keep claiming Mittens really won even though somehow the actual voting doesn’t show that but that’s just a statistical blip, undoubtedly cooked by Nate Silver and yet another lie). And they can’t believe “elections have consequences”. So of course they’re shocked when it actually appears Obama is serious about raising taxes on the rich this time. Where did he get any backbone?!

Of course the Repugs, living in their alternate reality of FauxNews and planet RichWhiteMen don’t realize that there are actually other Democrats, the ones that Karl Rove failed to beat and that voter suppression and 2010 gerrymandering didn’t stop. And that some of those Democrats were willing to put some steel in Obama’s spine, even if his first instinct was to cave (and perhaps with his last election done even Obama has finally realized Repug treachery and is willing to stand up for it, or perhaps the contrived outrage over Susan Rice is his last straw).

So, now what, Repugs? The cliff is looming and Thelma and Louise seem perfectly happy to go over it and see all those rates on the rich skyrocket back to 1990s level, when the economy was booming. What dangerous stuff, rates go up and Adelson still stays in the U.S. with the $1.9B from his speeded-up dividend.

The Repugs have gotten so used to the Dems waving the white flag at the first noise from Repugs that now they are “surprised”, which also means they’re clueless what to do. Now we’ll see if they actually know how to negotiate or whether they will fight their mindless rear-guard action and get crushed.



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4 Responses to GOP “surprised”?

  1. Nona says:

    Obama sent out an email to get 1 million signatures to give to the Repugs that we want the 1% taxed and leave the rest of us alone. Today he is on the road drumming up support. Maybe it isn’t backbone, but he is getting bullets for his six-shooter. Guns are one thing the Repugs understand.

  2. dmill96 says:

    Amusing comment: sad but true that guns are the one thing Repugs understand.

    What I don’t quite get is how all this “politicking” is aimed at. The election is over and, AFAIK, there isn’t another for two more years (thanks to lucky stars), so who is trying to sell how in all this? Is all this smoke-and-mirrors just over a few votes in the House, the Repugs trying to scare up the tea baggers into rioting at town hall meetings over the break and the Dems trying to, this time, not let Dick Armey and the Kochs and FreedomWorks shout the loudest. Are any POVs changing anywhere with all the noise. If the vote were held today would the results be any different than just before the deadline (or more likely after). Do the few Dem votes gained in the House make the difference, or perhaps the Repugs think some House Dems, after new Congress, will be more conservative and defect? Or is this all just for show and really nothing is happening.

    It does seem, this time, Obama does have the upper hand in bargaining advantage and the only thing the Repugs can do is hold the economy hostage (which the “mainstream” Republicans, all about 7 of them, don’t want, and their business masters don’t want) or hold the debt ceiling hostage (like reversing these automatic cuts on 1% as part of debt ceiling deal again?). So if Obama will hold firm (maybe those one million signatures are for him to keep his own resolve up) the Repugs have to deal (since the estate tax goes up too, the Repugs will have to have a moratorium on dying during early part of the year and since capgains goes up the hedge fund guys will have to find new way to pay themselves to try to get low rates, so this “cliff” really does burn all the rich’s bridges and presumably some of them will beat on the House to let rates go up a couple of percent (but not to Clinton levels, so they can claim victory to Grover) so the bigger issues (estate, capgains, dividends) can quietly go back to the current levels.

  3. bearmerriman says:

    You are correct to wonder why they are still being overly political – it is two years to mid-terms. It just shows they are still in bed with the money guys and don’t want to open the pockets to anyone but them. I love how you take my one or two sentences and you are off and running! LOL. Opps, have bear signed in, not Nona.

    • dmill96 says:

      off and running, again, 🙂

      Comments are fun because they provide a different POV to consider, rather than just get stuck in self-reinforcing beliefs. The worst thing to do now is count the other side out because that’s when they come back and bite you. Jonathan Alter’s book (The Promise) claims that Obama thinks multiple moves ahead, like a chess player, and it does appear he finessed the Repugs into a corner, this time!, but he can’t win them all. Second terms are tricky but if the Repugs don’t decide they have to govern and not just posture they’ll be the ones overplaying their hand. They could blow the Dems up if they’d just come up with an original plan, heavy on cuts and short on revenues, but a plan, any plan, beats Just Say No.

      With all the factions in their party it’s hard to believe they’ll throw the others under the bus just to benefit a few rich guys (and despite their claims it really is just a “few”, not even the entire 1%). If they dig in their heels on taxes and so lose some more seats in 2014, they can kiss off their chance to get new SCOTUS justices to overturn Roe and presumably the social wingnuts will go ballistic. (I still haven’t seen any convincing analysis of the drop in white votes for Repugs (they lost 2M, Obama lost 9M (understandable, no excitement this time)). Is that the evangelicals turned off because it was Romney instead of Santorum, or was it the Paul contingent mad over their treatment at the convention. I think everyone is overplaying the non-white vote as the deciding issue since an effective Repug could get a lot of that back.

      I think this is what Jindal was saying – throw the rich dudes under the bus (who is Adelson or the Kochs going to support in 2016, Hillary!!) and make peace with social conservatives which he means religious right and try to get conservative Latinos back and end the demographic advantage. What Jindal doesn’t recognize is that supporting conservative religious ideas might be useful in Latino population but then continues to hurt with gender gap. So the Repugs have a needle to thread (so do the Dems) but with all the gerrymandered districts and voter suppression they can do in 2016 they could still win it.

      The good news, for the planet, is that they really don’t have a thinker (Gingrich was, back in 1994) and so it’s unlikely they’ll stumble onto a good strategy.

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