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Nate Silver’s book should be mandatory reading for Republicans

Instead of demonizing Nate Silver for his bias (which, in hindsight, turned out to be 100% true, not just gross outcome, but 50 out of 50 right) Republicans (now “shellshocked” about their loss) should read and absorb his new book … Continue reading

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Logical consistency, like facts, are optional for GOP

I find two totally contradictory arguments being put out by Repug pundits remarkable. First is the Rove meme (to CYA against wasting all the zillionaire’s mob money and try to avoid a hit) that Obama “suppressed the vote.” Now this … Continue reading

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Finally it’s over

I can breath again, now free from the trash commercials from the zillionaires and safe for a couple of years from the tea baggers (although now have one from home state, a sad loss; a total crook against an honorable … Continue reading

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Let’s dumb down some more!

While I get to lay this on the British it sounds more like us – let’s get rid of anything that requires even the smallest bit of learning. Under the guise of using “plain English” this article reports that a … Continue reading

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Huskers will destroy Spartans

I am so sick of the traditional Big10’s┬áchauvinism that allows them to think a horrible team with utterly no offense, like Michigan State, can beat the Big10’s best offensive team. And the constant drumbeat of how wonderful Denard Robinson is … Continue reading

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