I want to make a bet

I couldn’t believe that the National Geographic Channel would, with all seriousness, present all these junk science Mayan prophesy 12/21/12 nonsense, even with a stunningly flawed piece of excrement implying a sudden climate shift (was the end of the world 5200 years ago that somehow we all survived) would repeat, like clockwork, of course, and if modern climate change scientists can’t create convincing models, somehow we’re supposed to believe stone-age folks did.

Anyway, so to all my readers out there, hopefully one of you will be gullible to believe this rubbish, so as my man Nate says, put your money where your mouth is – make a bet about your prediction.

So I’ll offer you 10 to 1 (for the right I’ll even consider higher) odds that nothing significant, certainly not earth-shattering, end of the world, pole reversing, sudden climate change or whatever doomsday scenario you want to believe is going to happen. No, not some small little thing you can try to spin into a claim of proving the end of the world; it has to be BIG and measurable.

Now, of course, you believers are saying, of course this fool will make a bet because when we’re right and the world ends (or at least for anyone who isn’t a prepper) I’ll never have to pay off. But, no, we can arrange that. I’ll place my payoff in the form of some useful (to preppers and after the world ends) goods, well hidden and secure, and known only to you (you’re welcome to come inspect the cache). You can then collect this stuff long after I’m dead, along with all the other stupid people who ignored this prophecy.

But you too have to put my side of the bet in some form of escrow since I know it will be easy enough for you to duck out of town when you’re proven wrong. And I want real cash (you know, paper bills you can actually buy stuff with, not gold or some other nonsensical “real money”) to placed somewhere I can get it and you can’t take it back.

So if you’re right, I’m dead and you collect. If you’re wrong, you’re stuck alive and embarrassed with egg on your face and your money in my pocket.

Have we got a bet?

If not, then shut the f**k up about all this doomsday nonsense.



About dmill96

old fat (but now getting trim and fit) guy, who used to create software in Silicon Valley (almost before it was called that), who used to go backpacking and bicycling and cross-country skiing and now geodashes, drives AWD in Wyoming, takes pictures, and writes long blog posts and does xizquvjyk.
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8 Responses to I want to make a bet

  1. Brittius says:

    12.21.12, complete rubbish!
    I agree with you: I haven’t the damnedest hint of what I will be doing on Dec. 21, 2012, but I sure as hell know what I will be doing on Dec.22, 2012; I will get up, pour a mug of coffee, and wonder what moron started that 12.21.12 rumor, which undoubtedly by then will have been replaced by an entirely new scuttlebutt.
    All the crackpots on television need ratings and sponsor funding, so they played this crap up big, and the gullible, swallowed it, hook, line, and sinker. A better way of phrasing it is a Latin proverb, translated into English, “Voice is given to many; Intelligence, is given to few”.

    • dmill96 says:

      Your reply does raise the question: what will all the promoters of the doomsday be saying the next day? With some of the religious end-of-world predictions they just claim math error and pick another date, but given this is all tied to a stone calendar of people who couldn’t invent writing now has does this get re-interpreted?

      • Brittius says:

        12/23/2012: Waited to make sure all the lunatics were silent and no alleged “delayed action because…”.
        How is it, that if the Mayans were so knowledgable, they could not predict the end of their own civilization?
        How is it, that the Mayans would make blood sacrifice of their Best people?
        How is it, that all the weak minded are generally those that have never hunted game and insist on others doing the unpleasant jobs, rather than themselves? (I worked in a slaughterhouse one full year, and people still cringe when they hear this). Yet they vilify honest, sane, people for upholding Second Amendment Rights, which incidentally, they too, reap the reward of having that Right, because at some point in our history, blood, was shed, and life, was lost.
        How is it, that all the rumor mongers and scuttlebutt cultivators are making money, or gaining financially, and no Attorney General Office is looking into that scam?

        • dmill96 says:

          On your last point I suspect the scammers are careful as to what they promise. Most are just writing books and if people want to buy fiction it’s no crime. I wonder, though, what some of the people selling, sometimes for big money, survival shelters are actually providing.

          While the Mayan, like most original people that depended on knowledge of seasons to be successful at agriculture (i.e. the Chaco canyon “calendar”) their calendar was fairly accurate, BUT, they never invented numerals or is there any evidence of inventing any higher forms of math. To mark solstices is not rocket science, but to predict planetary motions and/or eclipses is, at least a bit. In all the Maya hype no one alleged they had figured this out. Newton couldn’t really figure out gravity until he invented (disputed by Leibneiz) calculus and there is no indication the Maya did that. So the “alignment” that got so many people freaky was irrelevant unless you understand gravity and mass (and then irrelevant if you do since the gravitational effects are so small).

          And despite all this “sophistication” the Maya couldn’t cope with just a few European invaders (and given the low rate of fire of their guns, a mass of Maya could have easily overwhelmed them). So the Maya probably declined for the same reason all other societies have, depletion of resources, and especially wasting a lot of the dwindling resources on religious icons or supporting an idle class of priests and rulers.

          • Brittius says:

            Bravo! The Mayans, never were a people of science or theology. The “boom-boom sticks” (one of the Muppets movies) , were big science, from the gods. Fools. Complete fools. They would have been better off reading tea leaves. Masses of people educated, “beyond their intelligence”, all followed them but, not even newspapers carry the 13th zodiac, today. The “Master Mason”, is nowhere to be found. We have just entered a new astrological sign of the Master Mason, and it remains completely unpublished. Meaning, all of these overly educated people would be more suited to support: “Tickle-Smith 2016 (Moonshiners)”, for President and Vice President, than to continue pushing the nonsense which only bolsters to coffers of a select few. But.., nobody sees it that way. There is no financial gain in it for them, and, IRS continues to let many people get away with this nonsense.
            Do some hunting. Real life and death. Reality doesn’t get much better and never has.
            For the Record, I endorse: TICKLE-SMITH 2016.
            “If you love your Country, you’re gonna have to love our moonshine” -Tickle (Moonshiners)
            It doesn’t get any more real, than this. Never has. Never will.
            “Everybody gets a sip” – Tickle.
            I suspect that the hucksters are in, “Hurry Up Formation”.

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  3. Brittius says:

    FYI: Newton was a self-profiteer believing in alchemy. He definitely knew on which side his bread was buttered.
    Have a Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous New Year, my friend. You, and your Family.

    • Brittius says:

      I believe that, the only “unknown” factor, was if the magnetic fields of Earth were to soon be changing, and if so, Alaska and South Africa, would be the new equator (0 degrees latitude), as it had been many eons ago, presuming the Continental shelves were as they are today regarding plates, though I doubt.
      Science knows, that the Grand Canyon had flooded numerous times in the past and, that the glacier formations melted, with run-off in east-to-west flow, as opposed to normal north/south flow, which upends the conventional equator or centrifical flow unless the Earth’s magnetic poles shifted however, it does not mean the end of the Earth nor, the end of the Earth as we know it, even if you factor in 12/19/2012 “near miss” of a 33 mile asteroid a “mere” 4.8 million miles from Earth but… We all know that those hungry for the Almighty Dollar will, come up with a new theory to televise, and all of the idiots will swallow it, hook, line, and sinker.
      The US Navy addressed the issue of magnetic pole shift by having at least one analog submarine of the Gato Class in the ready but, the general attitude is, “So what, who cares”, if Earth does in fact sustain a magnetic pole shift. What’s the big deal, Egypt will again become a lush garden of vegetation and the White Nile, and the Blue Nile, will again flow? This is not earth-shattering news.

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