Dick Morris’ polling fail and new excuses

Bloviating toe-sucker and recently benched from even FauxNews Dick Morris has yet a new spin on why he was so badly wrong on his interpretation of polling data (as in denying the reality of the polls) and his prediction of massive Romney win.

Now when I saw the headline (“Dick Morris Still Blaming Hurricane Sandy For His Own Terrible Predictions) I assumed that he’d actually stick to his hopeless case that Romney was winning until Sandy and Chris Christie tanked his campaign (rather than Morris admitting he was wrong but not his fault). In general Repugs still don’t accept reality since in their alternate reality facts, such as actual election results, are not considered. Witness the 49% who think long-defunct ACORN fixed the election.

But slimy Dick manages a slightly more clever spin than that:

There was no good national polling after Sandy struck. Gallup, for example, suspended its polling. At the last minute, it put together a national sample — with lots of disclaimers about the dangers of inaccuracies due to the difficulty of sampling storm-hit areas — and it showed a slight Romney lead.

So, ah-ha, if there had just been more and more recent polling data that wizard Morris could have crunched then he would have seen the light and made the right call. Yep, and if you believe that whopper I’ve got a collapsed bridge to sell you.

Oh no, while reviewing the article for this post I realized I did miss the spin I expected, distracted by what I thought was a more ingenuous lie:

Morris goes on to claim, “Romney was, in fact, leading before Sandy and that his chances blew away in the storm with its famous bipartisan photo of Governor Chris Christie with Obama.”

Leading where, Dickhead! Why don’t you go look at someone who can actually crunch poll numbers, i.e. my man Nate (who, unlike you, called it right) and see where you can find a shred of evidence Romney was leading.

So actually same-old, same-old. Romney was our hero, destined for 1600 PennAve and nasty old hurricane Sandy threw the election for the wrong guy and Dick Morris is the greatest (self-serving) political genius of the century.

Fox, do yourself a favor and keep this idiot off. He even embarrasses O’Reilly and Sean.


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