QuickReaction, Sunday

Considering my recent post I’ll try to start my new type of posts that I’m putting in the QuickReaction category (let’s just tag these ‘memes’, because these are things that got into my head). The idea is to get at least something into a post about a subject that catches my attention and why.

Negative Results should be published: The interesting bit is the assertion that only negative results prove anything (positive ones leave open the possibility of future negative results since nothing is ever proved true but anything (meaningful) can be falsified). Caught my attention due to my long post today.

Glucagon is the key: Realized today that without glucagon (and/or maybe epinephrine) adipocytes are not going to release triglycerides and shrink lipid reserves.

Uncomfortable truth about Facebook: They’re a greedy money making machine and the users are just raw meat to feed into the sausage making machine. The “delicate balancing act” (service to users vs ripping them off) is an illusion. Until Facebook is the next MySpace they’ll keep on squeezing.

Beijing is the paradise Repugs want here: You know all those pesky regulations and the straight-from-hell EPA that Repugs would get rid of in an instant and all their mindless zombie groupies would cheer – well, take a look at Beijing to see the future you want. China thought it could go hell-bent on development and congregate a huge number of people in a topographic basin and somehow not end up being LA of the 1960s – sorry, China, you’re bound by the same laws of science we are (even if you see nearly one half of population agreeing with you). Time to decide that breathing is as important as more stuff. Surprising that Business Week would publish this (undoubtedly they think they’re just bashing China, not predicting U.S. future under the politics they’d like)

Mega-drought in the Amazon: This seems to be the season for publishing yet more disasters resulting from climate change (all coming out of that report out for review now?). Yet another thing for the denialists to lie about.

Buffalo are doing the expected: Just interesting the story even exists. They’re trying to model where Yellowstone’s buffalo go during wintertime, and, big surprise, the models don’t quite work. Of course any true ‘wildlife’ is a nuisance to Montana’s and Wyoming’s libertarian resource exploiters so I’m sure they’re up in arms about a single blade of forage a buffalo eats. Time to sell the national parks next time Repugs get the chance. OTOH, I have to admit the buffalo can be a pain when I saw them over-populating first-hand in Custer State Park in South Dakota. They’re almost as bad as homo sapiens when it comes to excess numbers.

Global cap-and-trade failing? This article is hard to figure out what the main point is. The facts being reported are simply that the price of carbon offsets has fallen sharply and thus probably stopped any carbon offset projects in developing countries. But what is to blame? Naturally a U.S. source would go after China (who deserves it, but is that all, or is something else going on; maybe Bloomberg doesn’t want to bash Obama and/or point out the total failure of the Congress to do anything).

He’s back: Congratulations U.S. for having sanity at the national level. Of course now the Repugs and esp. the racist in the tea bagger party will have a target for another four years to try to find new creative ways to screw the country while they try to gain political power for themselves.

Ted Cruz sucks: Another insane Repug gun net just trying to grab power for himself and put him in the running for 2016 as a fake Latino. ’nuff said for now.

My favorite economists in a cat-fight: I can’t believe Paul would contradict Joe on this. The lack of spending by the 99% (because there is no trickle-down (stupid theory) or enforced recycling) is obviously the root cause of continuing recession. For decades the rich recycled their piles of stinking money through loans (not income/jobs, the myth of the “job creators”) and now the public’s credit rating is realistic and they can’t carry any more debt (plus with real estate down, not cashing in inflation in the form of home equity loans). So, Paul, exactly how do you think consumers are going to spend when they have no income and their confidence (due to no income or someone they know’s no income) is down.

Ah yes, Mitch, let’s end wasteful spending: Go for it, Mitch, starve Medicare by giving away obscene prices to your buddy Amgen. What a bunch of hypocrits! Repugs only object to Dem spending. Dumbya and the Repug Congress were the biggest spenders in history, but they try to play the austerity card now (and meanwhile sneak in more money to their buds).

Too much news, too little time – have to move on.

Yet more “conventional” nutrition opinion without facts: How much repeating of the same old politically correct (and scientifically wrong) hack “advice” am I going to have to see?

OK, cutting this one off and I’ll start a new one going for posting tomorrow.


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old fat (but now getting trim and fit) guy, who used to create software in Silicon Valley (almost before it was called that), who used to go backpacking and bicycling and cross-country skiing and now geodashes, drives AWD in Wyoming, takes pictures, and writes long blog posts and does xizquvjyk.
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