QuickReaction, Tuesday

Oh good, Ft Calhoun nuke is a mess: We got the fun a couple of years ago to see the nearby Ft. Calhoun nuke plant on national TV when it almost flooded. Now I’ve got a rate increase to pay for trying to reopen it but it has a ton of problems. It was one of the worst nukes in the U.S. and is also one of the oldest. Oh joy, got away from nukes on faultlines while living in California to get near crummy design old nukes in floodplains here. I guess I should pay closer attention to Doomsday Preppers.

Futility of monetary policy will be proven: Sheesh, didn’t the Great Depression teach us anything. Monetary policy can retard inflation but it can’t stimulate. No matter how low interest rates are artificially pushed to business will not borrow money just because it’s cheap when there is no demand and consumers won’t borrow money for spending when they have no income. You don’t get out of recessions through cheap borrowing, only through demand stimulation. Of course, even this toothless move is criticized by Germany, the austeriocrats of the world who are the masters of the policies for creating depressions, much envied here by the Randians.

The bribe distribution must have gotten settled: So Heineman approves the Keystone which simply implies that enough western ranchers got settlements from the pipeline companies and enough of the unicameral got their contributions to allow this to move ahead. Obama took the heat for stopping the Keystone when it was really the greed (certainly not aquifer concern) of ranchers who weren’t getting enough royalties. So the total money on the table must now be enough so Heineman ends the bargaining process. Now Obama will approve the dumb thing and we’ll build a stupid project that is uneconomic without massive subsidies. Energy policy is so stupid. Meanwhile Nebraska has almost no wind projects (unlike neighbor Iowa) despite having great wind resources. If you can’t shoot it or can’t burn it, it ain’t real for the anarchists in the western counties. This map shows who’s going to get the money now. I don’t think Obama can block this as part of climate change response as this is actually a minor part of the puzzle and blowing political capital on one dinky pipeline isn’t worth it.

Bogus story: The interesting part of this to me is not that the press got the story wrong and functioned as the usual echo chamber to hype the story, but that Google News continues to headline it wrong. Long ago, before Google News, I built an earlier version of such a service. At the time our company (the first to ever make any money on the Internet) used human editors (mostly newly minted journalism graduates) to decide on “top stories”, esp. the headline. The problem with automating that process (by story mining online news sources) was that a data mining type program could never “judge” reality and thus would make mistakes. Google just proved their bot can be fooled, so in a funny way it just passed the Turing test. Too bad, even Discovery News got sucked in as well.

Bibi gets a pass: Interesting article about internal Israeli politics (they certainly know lots about ours and try to intervene, so we should learn about theirs). Instead of finding any of the 100 reasons to toss Bibi out the rival parties were so tied up in their own personality cults. So the world may get its first nuclear war (when Israel starts it with Iran but expects us to finish it when Iran retaliates) just because the politicians there are too lazy and self-indulgent to deal seriously with issues. Oh joy, another fail for humanity.

This is a surprise? Anyone who has cats knows they’re killers. Even a well-fed cat dreams of hunting and does it whenever they can. So, New Zealand, don’t let your cats out. Our adopted feral cat is perfectly happy inside and she merely gets to watch the birds (or as we call it, “catTV”)

Stock Scam? Is there anything to this idea other than a startup stock scam? Give me a break, a 55lb satellite is sophisticated enough to track and then analyze asteroids to find platinum, come one. If you believe this one I have a bridge in NYC to sell you.

Sign of the times: Amazing, a gadget (plus some other alternatives) to impede the eye-in-the-sky from recognizing you. It was just scifi a few decades ago that walking down the street you’d be accosted by spam because some computer recognized you but now it’s more real than most people think (turn off your WiFi, not just to save battery, and, NFC, why not just wear a sign, “SUCKER”). Of course, Big Brother is watching too but for the moment I think Big Brother is so confused and incompetent I’m not worried, but sellers, since there is money in it, have the best.

Goldman is ripping people off, what’s new! A rather tame article just indicating that Goldman Sachs made a bunch of money in speculation in food commodities. Of course, just like when they ran up oil prices to absurd levels (that had Saudi Arabia denouncing the prices since they knew the artificial price would trigger a U.S. recession (as it did) and cuts Saudi’s real revenues) naturally GS claims it’s all just real market trends and scarcity and they don’t have anything to do with driving up prices. Too bad Paul has chosen to agree with them, so it will take another investigation someday to prove this set of price manipulations and scams on their own clients (all just for GS fees when the prices rise, and their customers’ losses when the prices fall). Yet another conquest for the most crooked firm to have ever existed. Where’s Lenin with a rope when we need him?

Medicare vouchers are still alive and going under the euphemism of “premium support” where the costs of Medicare issues are solved by giving the money to private insurance, right. And if you like that idea, private insurance paid for by the government let’s do it for everyone – oops, we already did that, instead of public option or single payer, the much more sensible and cost-effective approaches. Medical spending is the biggest pigs-at-the-trough next to DOD (actually these days probably Homeland Security). Actually getting medical care to people is irrelevant; sick people are merely the conduit to pass money to the medical industry.

This is actually a known condtion: Boy, do I know this first hand, seeing the weird things that happened to my dad in hospitals, literal becoming psychotic, but I never thought it might be due to sleep deprivation. Boy I hope I don’t get bad sick and just croak instead, as it is a bit of sleep deprivation, like last night, has weird effects.


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