QuickReaction, Thursday

Bird flu research to resume: The popular press versions of this story make this sound really scary. They explain the threat but not the reason why any sane researcher is doing the experiments (why make the virus more infectious and get a lot of sick ferrets, so we can watch it kill the ferrets, huh?, seems to have nothing to do with vaccine which would be the only helpful research.) This all sounds a little too much like Oryx and Crake and The Flood.

Another chance for Repugs to play toadie to Wall Street Obama 2.0 is picking a tough prosecutor to head SEC (too bad he didn’t have one before all the statute of limitations ran out and we could have sent some Wall Street crooks to jail, the Frontline on this was depressing, how much DOJ gave the crooks a pass, at best because they were afraid of looking bad if they lost a case, at worst because they were in the tank for Wall Street). Anyway, also Obama 2.0 will reappoint Cordray. So now we get to watch the Repugs fight any effective regulation of the crooks with who-knows-what bogus excuses this time.

Awesome research So dung beetles can use the stars to navigate, fascinating. Even more interesting is that it’s so vital they be able to navigator because it appears dung beetle society is filled with takers and makers and the makers need to get their precious dung ball out of Dodge before the takers steal it so good navigation is essential. Also interesting, first time I’ve ever seen a science article with national exposure from a researcher at UNK, go Sean D. Whipple!

What! IBM is now in biotech? I didn’t expect to see IBM mentioned with developments in nanotech aimed at biological problems, esp. antibiotic resistant bacteria. Go, IBM. Quite a bit more useful than the six second film loops Twitter just announced so we can have a new flood of inane videos.

When will her moments of fame finally end? This nutjob keeps looking for more stupid ways to keep her campaign and fund-raising and career going with absolutely zero reason to exist. The only justice in this is the people she’s fleecing deserve it. I hope she tries to “arrest” Obama and the Secret Service busts her for threats against the president. She needs to see the inside of a jail.

Excess use of drones: I doubt a UN investigation is going to change much but it does appear that the U.S. is using the drones too much. I’m reminded of the issue of antibiotic resistance in bacteria. By overusing a defense we blunt that defense. With drones, our excess use is encouraging others, i.e. China and Iran and Israel. But also I’m sure people are working on defenses which inevitably, in military arms races, catch up. Independent of moral arguments about drones their military or anti-terrorist utility is being diluted by the excess use. Like most defenses such things should be used sparingly and only when really needed. We may regret expanding the drone program so much, which today, like most bloated military programs, is just a way to have too much military spending as well.

Will Repugs support any gun control? You’ve got to be kidding, you think this is an open question. If there is anything, after taxes, that the Repugs will be the party of NO it’s guns. If Obama 2.0 announced a bill declaring every citizen must buy an assault rifle Repugs would be against it because they’d come up with some bizarre conspiracy question. But, as a wedge issue I think this is smart politics. It’s not like the Ted Nugent crowd would ever support a Democrat on anything, so screw ‘em and try to continue to paint the Repugs as NRA crazies, plus make them use up some political capital on their pro-killing agenda.

Prolific innovation? Wells times have changed at Apple when they spin a bunch of incrementalism into not just “innovation” but prolific innovation. I guess they mean innovation in new marketing campaigns or ads because it’s sure not in the products. Talk about resting on past laurels.

Amazing what an end to Repug obstructionism can do. California can dream again instead playing against ever-shrinking expectations and only dreams of the good old days. Now the future can be considered without endless cuts, reductions, small ball, and diminished expectations that Repugs love so much. And amazingly governor Moonbeam is the adult in the room and will crack the budget whip, instead of pork for every district, more vision. Of course, he’s using his dad’s old formula, water projects for the south, but that’s back to the old coalition politics that worked. And wow, a high speed train between the cities; driving is an incredible drag down the I-5 with traffic congestion on both ends and now with TSA what used to be a short flight is now a half-day ordeal. Go Jerry.


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