QuickReaction, Monday-1

Please figure this out: Do we or don’t we have too many people with college degrees. On one hand it appears many people with degrees have jobs below that achievement level, but we also constantly hear the refrain that there aren’t enough qualified people. What the probable answer is that there are not enough “qualified” people standing in lines to drive down wages. In the incessant demand for more visas this was typically the motivation, 3.5 people for every 2 jobs and forget about decent comp.

Is The Guardian in the denialist camp? The “heat islands” myth is a favorite of the denialists and this story seems to be just repeating it. Not being familiar with British newspapers is The Guardian the Fox of England (maybe even owned by Murdoch)? At any rate the claim that cities cause warming thousands of miles away sounds rather improbable (even if there is any link it’s probably one of the correlation vs causation confusions). Obviously human settlements are larger today and any look at the space photos at nighttime clearly demonstrate more energy use in built-up areas than the remaining boondocks, BUT, this is factored in to various estimates and while this is a manmade source of heat it’s nothing like what greenhouse gasses are doing. Actually this is a feeble denialist argument because it concedes that human energy use has an effect, but then claims it is irrelevant – not very logical.

How long will it take for Malians to start complaining about the French: When the people of these backwater countries allow the Islamic totalitarian states to develop they discover how much they don’t like them and then welcome outsiders, esp. infidels, to come liberate them. So, just as in Afghanistan the newly liberated residents of Mali are ecstatic about their freedom. But, of course, the liberation was done by “crusaders” and within days, weeks, months, some of those Malians will be giving aid and comfort to the Islamists to attack the French and denounced French imperialism. Now why if Malians like freedom so much didn’t they stand up for it themselves? And exactly how long do you predict Afghanistan will last before the Taliban retakes it after western forces depart? These people need to either defend themselves or settle for the rule they get because they give deference to religious authority and oppose western civilization.

GM may suck but not because of trite Repug excuses: This article, long on opinion and short on facts, denounces GM as having low market value compared to Toyota, which not only has passed it in unit sales, but also in stock value, as simply having too high expenses. There is a hint of not enough innovation but only a hint. So what expenses are too high? R&D, product development – not likely. Manufacturing, well that’s implied. But what about excess marketing or too much management bureaucracy and overpaid senior managers? No, just leave it hanging, as always that it’s the workers. Now, question, fellows – who gets paid more, auto workers in the U.S. or those in Japan? And, question, fellows – who has the most advanced manufacturing technology? And who has the best quality? The U.S. auto industry is plagued by incompetent and old-fashioned top management (much as most of U.S. business) who gets off easy by just blaming workers (which, btw, they hired and probably failed to train and motivate, so it’s still management’s fault). We’ll never fix any of these things if we just keep using tired and worn-out Repug dogma for what ails America. Here’s more of GM vs Toyota sales.

Good news and bad news about Twitter: Guess what, they inform on you to the government, that’s the bad news. But the good news is, unlike other social media companies, Twitter admits it and provides open information (which I’ll assume is the whole story and accurate, although I bet the spook requests aren’t included in their data since they’re probably required to lie about it). It’s not clear whether making public statements that may have criminal consequences shouldn’t be disclosed without considering this to be privacy violation, but at least dealing with issue transparently is half a step forward.

Yep, Apple sure is passionate about innovation: Adding a newly available memory chip to an iPad and thus expanding its storage is not exactly earth-shaking innovation. Apple is, at best, now fully incremental on its products, no breakthrus. iOS 6.1 is just another release. iPad5 is not going to change the world. Incremental innovation is just fine and should be done, but a steady diet of it means you’re dying. It’s not clear what breakthrough thing Apple could do (actually that’s why they’re breakthroughs, IOW, unpredictable) but they’d better do something because iPad11 is going to be a real snoozer.

You have to sleep to remember, now I have an excuse. This article seems to relate specifically to short-term learning, not long-term memory loss like Alzheimers. But what still seems mysterious is why the shrinkage of the older brain happens at all?

Paul takes down Bobby Jindal: The trouble is, of course, no one is listening, to either Paul Krugman (already dismissed as a communist) or to anything in the NYT (already dismissed as lamestream media). Paul makes the perfectly valid point that all Bobby Jindal is looking for is not a change in Repug policy, but just changes in branding and marketing. Jindal believes by simply declaring Repugs to be “populist” no one will notice the sleight of hand he’s doing in Louisiana of replacing a progressive tax with a regressive one. Jindal is just as much into takers and makers as Ryan is, he just wants to lie about it more. What Paul says he can’t explain (nor have I seen any other good explanation) is the new doubling-down (present in Nebraskee) to eliminate income taxes altogether. The best explanation seems to be the “states as laboratory of democracy”. So when California raises income taxes and now has balanced budget and a new wave of prosperity we’re supposed to ignore that “experiment” but believe whatever happens in the pathetic state of Louisiana.

Summary of the Geithner coddling the banks: An excellent article, succinctly bringing together information that was closely guarded and hard to find and generally not understood (exactly what the bailouts were, answer, not TARP). But this is too much content for a short, so this deserves its own post Ωø¤‡⃝⓿⌂↔. I wonder what the chance is that I can get a special glyph in MSWord to go through the WordPress.com editor.

Stupid ways to avoid overeating: Smart way – don’t overeat. Stupid way, think some gimmick is going to solve the problem for you. This too deserves a ridicule post Ω.

Good Article: How GOP destroyed its moderates: There is a lot of substance in the article that could justify a lot of discussion but I’ll just mention the article and suggest you read it. It does basically say the “moderates” (like Brooks) are delusional about believing the Repugs could ever moderate. Furthermore they declare certain aspects of Repug policy unacceptable, until, of course, that becomes the obvious and dominant themes of the Repugs and then they fall in line, they always do. Thinking that Repugs that aren’t crazies will somehow escape the thrall of the crazies is delusional, once a Repug idiot, always a Repug idiot, no matter how hard right and crazy the party gets.


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