QuickReaction, Monday-2

DOD is looking for new ways to spend on nuclear weapons: In a time when Repugs constantly whine about a budget (whose deficits are rapidly shrinking, will Obama end up balancing the budgets before they quit whining, as Clinton did, since it’s only Dems who balance budgets these days) DOD is looking for new ways to spend money. Against non-existent threats we, of course, must continue to spend on silly and possibly dangerous schemes for nuclear weapons. Now since weapon systems take a long time to build it is prudent to consider the possibility of needing deterrence again and as we continue to anger other countries a nuclear-armed enemy is certainly a possibility in the future, but exactly how much is need for this prudence. Continuing the “triad”? Making it even more expensive and elaborate? Laughable fake “enemies” like North Korea are hardly justification for an underground subway system to move nukes around, but of course it’s lots of money for contractors and the backyards of some politicians.

Stimulus spending can go too far: China is obsessed with infrastructure because it’s the easiest way to recycle all their international profits into the domestic economy. In short what do you do with a trillion dollars, just hand it out on street corners? No, you build things and hand it out that way and you get the thing in return. So that leads to really silly projects like the one mentioned in this article, building an urban paradise in one of the most polluted parts of the country by also knocking down a bunch of mountains. Real smart, China. Can’t you find any better way to spend that money? China does a lot of smart things, but they also do a lot of stupid things, old fashioned projects designed to put money in the hands of their buddies, projects a old-time pol in NYC or Chicago or Louisiana could understand.

Wow, Apple might do Siri in a TV and that will change the world: Apple is getting a pass from its groupies, setting the bar so low on what is called innovation. In fact, in general, most of what passes for “innovation” isn’t these days. So many amateurs are now watching “tech” and a dazzled by slight-of-hand nothings. There is some real innovation going on, but voice-controlled HDTV ain’t it.

No, global warming is just a hoax: It’s mere coincidence that Australia is now having its hottest year right after the U.S. had its hottest year. Don’t they know it’s cold in someplace in North America and that disproves “global” warming. I suggest we take Inhofe and tie him to a post in the outback and let him decide from first-hand evidence whether it’s hot or not. Stupid bought-and-paid-for oil groupies and religinuts (god can’t possibly let us burn, only he burns things).

Some trendy stuff isn’t good, it sucks: Ever since I saw the first episode of Girls I’ve had this feeling it’s just an attempt to use shock as a claim of cool. Many times I’ve thought the show sucked. But I’m an old fart and not cool any more, if I ever was, and Girls is for the young and the cool, so I watch it (the same way I sometimes try to listen to what passes for music on SNL, and, no, I don’t want Lawrence Welk back, and most of what I like/liked the kiddies still like since Rock never dies). Anyway obviously the problem with TV shows is they have to one-up themselves. What was enough last episode isn’t enough for this episode. So the show has descended into the lives of truly disturbed and literally crazy people, posing it as this is cool and how young people live. Fortunately they are now so over the top a few people, younger than me, are beginning to say it sucks too, although still just gently. How do fads do this? Get us to suspend our crap detectors and believe novel is good. Art and pop music do it all the time and is forgotten a year later, but in the moment, if you object and say this is crap, you’re treated as simply uncool and over the hill. Maybe the world will wise up enough so that Girls doesn’t even make it through the end of the season and we’ll stop treating Lena Dunham as a genius and more like the little girl exhibitionist she is.

How much longer before I decide Huffington Post is just another version of National Enquirer? HuffPo has been going steadily downhill. It’s so into entertainment and most of its news is now just sensationalist outrage I’m finding it harder and harder to take (yet it’s still the best link aggregator). What started to turn me against it is the abysmally stupid way their web pages work and their scripts are coded, esp. in conjunction with the steadily-getting-worse Firefox. Folks, there is a old (and still totally valid) rule of UI – code doesn’t change focus. Firefox, have you ever heard of double buffering? Webpages that constantly jiggle around, inhibit my ability to scroll (or gaze at the same spot) are not new and hip and cool, they’re bad programming. HuffPo on Firefox (and only slightly better elsewhere) sucks and is nearly unusable. But the trash they now put on the top stories page is just amazing. Who do they think their audience is, 12 year olds? Talk about dumbing down. Being on the left they may not do all the stupid things the Repugs, but Repugs don’t have a monopoly on stupid.


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old fat (but now getting trim and fit) guy, who used to create software in Silicon Valley (almost before it was called that), who used to go backpacking and bicycling and cross-country skiing and now geodashes, drives AWD in Wyoming, takes pictures, and writes long blog posts and does xizquvjyk.
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  1. wfeigenson says:

    Doug, I use a FF addin that lets me kill JS. I usually toggle JS off before I go to sites like HuffPo. You should try it.

    I love these posts.

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