QuickReaction, Wednesday-2

A great cabinet pick! Sally Jewell is a jewel, a commercial banker who worked at an oil company and heads REI and supports the environment and outdoor recreation. Of course some Repugs have already labeled her as an extremist and radical but it will be tough for them to run a hate campaign against this one.

Will Europe get it right? We’ll know in a couple of days. The U.S. models for forecasting weather aren’t predicting the big snow storm for Boston that the European model is. But the European model got Sandy right so some are betting on it.

Tech writers don’t know science: Apple, who loves to file frivolous patents, files a patent on a solar-powered phone (how can they even do that, how does this meet the unobvious standard given there are tons of solar powered devices already in existence). Of course the author jumps to the conclusion now battery life won’t be an issue. He/she only reserves any doubt that maybe Apple won’t actually make the device. DUH! Don’t you know anything about solar power? Already you can get solar powered charging units, but check how they work. Solar power requires, well, ur, sun. Phones in a pocket don’t get much sun, do they? The power density of solar cells is so low that even in bright sun the solar cells can’t recharge the batteries even in hours. This is not rocket science or marvel engineering. It is ordinary crank-and-grind engineering. So Apple should have filed a patent for a solar powered beanie Bluetooth connected to the actual phone. Go learn something before you start writing articles.

What more do Boy Scouts need to discuss? What a sleazy way to avoid a decision. The Boy Scouts must have gotten so much pushback on their pre-announced decision on gays in scouting that they chickened out and ducked the issue by delaying a decision. Why not just say No (the wrong choice) because you know you don’t have the guts to do the right thing and instead are going to give into religious prejudice and continue your policy of inequality? Real profiles of courage there.

USDA nutrition guidelines are impossible to meet: This writer, a non-overweight yet gusto eater, is trying and actually making it look as ridiculous as it is. For only two days the food is unappetizing goop that no one outside some Berkeley hippie could stand. The article says that only 2% of the time do Americans meet the standards. Now whatever food Nazis came up with this standard have done a huge disservice to nutrition. Why create guidelines that no one will follow. I’m doing rather well on sustained weight loss and so have a platform to speak. The issue is simple: too many calories consumed, too few burned. USDA would be better off suggesting a diet people can actually follow – LESS! No wonder people don’t stick to diets when forced to eat inedible food substances or be treated like some sinner. Food is not about some spiritual purity despite the demagogues who’d like to make it that way. This is why the public gets down on government.

Florida is so badly served by brain-dead Rubio: Florida and all that valuable coastal real estate will possibly suffer the most damage and cost due to global warming of any state and yet they have this idiot as their senator. Smart move, Florida. Perhaps when all you old fart tea baggers get flooded out in the next hurricane or maybe live long enough to have the sea level rise inundate your homes you’ll finally get it. Rubio says we can’t afford to do anything about climate change; well, Florida can’t afford not to. How long before Rubio will be trying to get Federal money for a dike!

Sad events in Tunisia: After Iran you’d think the leftist would realize that overthrowing a right wing dictator merely means they will get a religinut dictator instead. And guess what, getting rid of the religinuts will be a lot harder, because of course their skygod tells them what to do and they can never back down. How many more Irans will it take before the opposition parties realize they must keep the nuts out of getting control of the government. Siding with a dictator is no fun, but letting the nuts take over is a sure way to make your life worse.


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old fat (but now getting trim and fit) guy, who used to create software in Silicon Valley (almost before it was called that), who used to go backpacking and bicycling and cross-country skiing and now geodashes, drives AWD in Wyoming, takes pictures, and writes long blog posts and does xizquvjyk.
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