QuickReaction, Thursday-2

Microsoft calls out Google: Feuds between giant companies remind me of political primaries – they get dirty and petty. But in this case I have to side with Microsoft for informing Gmail users how Google will stop at nothing to peddle more ads. All these “free” services have too high a cost in terms of these abusive marketing practices. How long will we stay cheap and then be bombarded by this totally obnoxious stuff? Microsoft’s campaign is self-serving to themselves but it does mean getting information out about yet another sleazy thing Google is doing.

GOP is desperate: In this new reality where states are getting more blue and more red it’s interesting that in a blue state the Repugs can’t come up with any “star” to run for an open Senate seat. So, somehow they think there is magic in the Romney brand and that total amateur Ann could somehow be a viable candidate because she ???, well, what has she done? And if not her, then let’s take Mittens’ son? Hey, Repugs, while you’re at it, why not get Mittens himself to run? Adams was in Congress after actually winning presidency so why shouldn’t a loser take a seat there?

The elephant in the room and I don’t mean the GOP elephant. This article, like so many, avoids stepping on the obvious turf of racism, that the country is more racist than it has been for a long time and that the Repug party is the white people’s party, the last bastion holding out against diversity. The GOP would be a true minority almost everywhere if it weren’t for their obvious expertise in gerrymandering, esp. along racial lines. California takes redistricting out of the hands of politicians and as a result gets an entirely different makeup of the legislature. Either the public is too ignorant/oblivious to all this or they approve it. If the latter then people should stop nagging legislatures for not being “bipartisan” when, in fact, the public is helping put the extremists in. Of course, the Repug notion of bipartisan is that there are no Democrats at all or they docilely always do what the Repugs want, since “compromise” is now a dirty word in the land of ideological “purity”.

Immigration reform will die in the House: Due to the Repugs’ incessant racist war on non-whites Latinos are now almost completed alienated from the GOP and naturally now represent a hostile voting bloc so now the Repugs aren’t about to allow any citizenship path because that would just mean more minority votes against them. There is no longer any argument the Repugs have (it will be vaguely interesting to see how they spin it) other than preserving their power which they have so stupidly squandered. How much longer will Repugs hold any seats at all outside the south?

The Repugs hate sex: In addition to the blatant racism the Repugs really have a problem with sex (or perhaps any enjoyable experience except counting money). Under the guise of concern for college girls getting a dangerous drug they really still can’t stand the idea of sex without the fear of pregnancy, which they’ll make more scary by opposition to abortion. Come on guys, one or the other – either birth control or abortion, but don’t just believe your nonsense that since you’re afraid of sex other people are too.

Shocker, JPMorgan lied to investors: The only thing surprising about this story is that “proof” (which DOJ always said wasn’t available when they aided and abetted the crooks on Wall Street) has shown up. And the most outspoken self-righteous bank has yet more egg on its face. Hundreds of people including some CEOs should be in jail for this (still ongoing) fraud, but we chose to look the other way because we’re so impressed with traders and their $1000 bottles of vodka lifestyle.

Howard Fineman is wrong: He’s quite correct that Rove is filth and that the Repug party is so crazy-right that Rove is irrelevant, BUT, Rove’s purpose in life now is the commissions he gets on spending rich people’s money (and given he’s wasting it, maybe this is the silver lining of the Citizens United cloud). Rove could care less about the party or issues or the U.S. or anything other than his percentage he gets. Like many of the political operatives (like Hillary’s Mark Penn) it’s all about money and on that dimension old Karl is doing just fine. And speaking of Porky Pig, here’s another article about Rove’s fight with conservatives over the Iowa seat. Both groups are so odious it’s hard to decide who to cheer for, so maybe just a pox on both their houses.

Love this parallel: “I think the Republican Party right now is like an alcoholic who hasn’t yet hit rock bottom. He’s not fooling anyone anymore. Everyone’s on to him. But he’s still holding on to his job by a thread, his wife hasn’t yet taken the kids and walked out on him, the cops don’t happen yet to have been there as he swerved his way home from his usual bar. He can still, in other words, kid himself. Disaster hasn’t struck yet.” Let’s hope they stay stupid.

Yet more to feel good about Jewell: I mentioned this outstanding appointment yesterday but the information just keeps rolling in. REI who is doing very well, thank you, is not your typical rapacious Repug corporation so now the rightnuts are not so happy about a credible CEO who actually cares about something than just bonuses. Oh the horror of it.

Misplaced nostalgia for bookstores: I constantly see people bemoaning the decline of bookstores and dead tree books, but my view is, party on, let’s electrons replace atoms. Come on, nostalgia freaks   who wants to get their exercise lugging around overpriced books. My sleek little Kindle has enough reading for a month of camping trips. You think browsing at a bookstore beats the samples that Amazon downloads in seconds (I consume hundreds of samples and then buy a few). Amazon tries to “sell” me but they’re much easier to ignore and they’re not adding much to the price of my books with the cost of fancy displays and stores and salespeople by just tossing a few “recommendations” (AKA ads) my way. I want the prices of books down, down, down and reducing the ways that traditional publishers do huge markups is a step in the right direction. I have no problem paying authors, but they only get a fraction of what I pay for a dead tree book, so I have no interest in paying for a bunch of marketing just to try to get me to buy stuff I don’t want anyway. For the moment I have to put up with “buying” books, but switching to mostly eBooks brings us a step closer to the correct business model (correct for consumers, bad for publishers) of rental. How often do you read a book multiple times? So why should you pay to own it for a lifetime? Amazon is slowly (too slow) moving that way with lending, but right now Amazon is the only force bringing down prices. To compete Safari now sells me technical books cheap so I don’t end up doing what I just did and that is throwing away literally 100 pounds of old books and who knows how many dollars. Now I get what I want when I want at a reasonable price. So, poor old nostalgia buffs – you’re just standing in the way of more reading by helping keep the prices high.

The businesses that fall for Perry’s seduction aren’t worth having: Rick Perry is coming to California to sell greed. He wants owners to hate having to pay California workers and California taxes. A few will fall for this and move to some hellhole in Texas leaving most of their workers to be looking for other jobs in California. I was born in Texas but lived most of my life in California and it’s no contest. San Francisco isn’t the only U.S. city on the world’s list of happiness cities for no good reason. If greed is all you can think of then have fun in Texas. California is a dynamic, exciting, and future-oriented society with way more fairness and equality than Texas can even understand. So come on Rick and bottom fish for a few of the Scrooges that aren’t worth having anyway so that will make more room for the quality businesses that are happy to call California home.


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