QuickReaction, Wednesday-3

This is slobbering new age rationalization: Having high expectations makes it very likely you will fall short. I once knew a person who came in #2 for a very senior government post, an entire lifetime devoted to the goal and only missed by one position. This article would rave about how being #2 was better than everyone except #1 and that even that attitude is the source of negative thinking. Well, guess what – if you can settle for being #2, then you probably won’t even make #2. The one time in my life over something I really cared about and tried hard to accomplish where I can in #2 was (and should have been) crushing. If you’re not crushed by failure then you’ll never have the gumption to succeed; if you can rationalize away failure then you’ll have lots of failure. A passive blob who never tries to accomplish anything, no problem – you can rationalize. But if you have any spunk at all this kind of rationalization is nonsense. And in general the “healthy living” stuff at HuffPo is really new age bogus twaddle. But I’m taking a look at such things today.

Unburnable carbon: This is an interesting different way to look at the issue of global warming. How much carbon can we burn and still stay below the climatic tipping point vs how much carbon do the various carbon companies own. The answer is that a substantial portion of current reserves cannot be burned (or else we all burn). As the financial markets value carbon companies including their reserves, in fact, about 30% of the value of carbon companies is based on the assumption all their current reserves can be burned, it may be that stocks are over-valued once we finally wake up and do something about climate change. OTOH, since the U.S. will do nothing that means we’ll actually pass the tipping point in 11 more years so after that, why worry – just party on like there is no tomorrow and burn it all, because, well, there actually is no tomorrow.

“Proof” of “Noah’s Flood”: Even science-oriented sites fall victim to the sensationalist headline phenomenon. If you read the actual article the “proof” is sadly lacking, but more importantly the event, which very likely did happen, is not “Noah’s Flood”. You see science believes that a large but localized flood probably did occur and got recorded in the folklore of the middle east. This is entirely possible. But according to the biblical literalist loonies the flood was not some minor local event; it was global and covered all land, meaning it added 7 miles of ocean over the entire globe, because, after all, that’s what the completely authoritative science book of old legends says and therefore it must be true. That’s the Noah’s Flood – an event which definitely did not happen, so throwing out a headline of a mere local event, still without any real “proof” should be labeled as something entirely different. But of course, for the few religinuts who can actually read they’ll believe there is “proof” from the secular world of the “truth” they already knew, because their myths say it’s so.

Quitting Facebook: A long article that spells out alternative ways of dealing with the idea that social media exists to collect data about you and sell you to the highest bidder but that you may not be able to quit. Actually the article doesn’t really illuminate the subject much, but perhaps you can take a look.

Gas prices rise, not for real: How long will we have to wait this time to see this rise is entirely engineering by fake transactions on fake (dry contract) oil futures being manipulated by Goldman-Sachs. They did it before and made a fortune, even parking oil tankers in the middle of the ocean to attempt to create fake shortages, they just waited a while to do it again. Of course, since there is utterly no transparency in any of the trading it takes a crash and an investigation to prove this, but nothing was done the last time when Goldman manipulated prices (and it was almost entirely Goldman) so there is nothing stopping them this time and their bonuses were way down so they need some scam to boost their obscene comp.

Oh great, now Scalia gets to finish political takeover by the rich: I guess it was inevitable, another case making its way to SCOTUS so Scalia can get another chance to let the Repugs control politics in this country and speed its disintegration as the rich stupidly try to control the system so they can run the country into the ground. Our only hope is that Roberts is still mad at Scalia’s bullying and has learned his lesson from Citizens United and will save the country from ruin by switching the vote to 4-5.

Java was supposed to be the solution, not the problem. This article details the latest attacks on Macs but pushes the idea that Java should be disabled since it’s the major attack vector now (hard to believe, maybe for Macs, but for Windows ??). The interesting point, however, is that most of the actual attacks come via ad networks, who naturally don’t do anything to police the ads they place in the pages of innocent web sites. One more reason why advertising on the Net is truly evil.

Druggies will ruin the rest of us: Unfortunately prescription drugs are the new source of recreational drugs and of course recreational drug use leads to overdoses and death. So the medical establishment is going to tighten up on prescriptions for pain killers just so the thrill seekers don’t kill themselves. Too bad for the rest of us because now we get to suffer pain because the joyriders ruined access to useful drugs. So don’t get surgeries or cancers because you’ll suffer more than you think.

The pot calling the kettle black: Amazing, the Newster, having taken massive funds (and about the only funds) from scumbag billionaire Sheldon Adelson to keep his presidential ambition and ego alive now denounces Karl Rove for doing exactly the same thing. Did it ever occur to Newt to then also denounce Scalia and Citizens United? Of course, not. Like all Repugs, logic, consistency, and facts are optional – just whatever opinion serves yourself at the moment is all that matters.

Easy to fool Repugs: The Repugs now live in such a fact-free alternate reality that it has become really easy to pimp them. Mitch McConnell is the latest to fall for this (after a different article about the whole rightwingnut conspiracy falling for another joke (“Friends of Hamas”) about Hagel). They’ll believe any nonsense as long as it looks bad for the Obama. So the real world should start a new campaign, Fool-A-Repug-With-Nonsense. I’ll start, did you hear about how Obama bribed Rove to start attacking America by stopping the best Repug candidates in the primaries?

Another nutrition fantasy and stupidity: The craze and boom by misinformed health nuts has triggered a real mess for Boliva. Yet again the health food fad industry falls for its magical elixir, this time quinoa (inedible garbage). I guess it finally sunk into them that whole wheat isn’t the miracle they thought it was (somehow old-fashioned / natural isn’t all it’s cracked up to be) so they need to wreck some other country following their latest worthless fad.

McCain confronts the crazies: You reap what you sow, John. The Repugs encourage the craziest element of America, the total nutjobs, esp. the gun nuts and then you go back home and try to have a discussion with your constituents and they threaten and bluster and you actually have to call them out as nutjobs. When will your brain wrap around the notion that you (McCain) can’t act like a nutjob in a confirmation hearing and not expect your constituents to follow your example. You created them, now you get to try to control them.

Red states are waking up: In reflexive childish outbursts governors and/or legislatures of red states denounced Obamacare by actually refusing the expansion of Medicaid. Of course most of them expected Repugs to massively win Congress and the Presidency and thus do as Mittens promised and repeal Obamacare. Well, as we in the fact-based world know that didn’t happen. So now all those red states (or at least the care providers in the states) have learned that the money they used to receive for uninsured care is gone now, unless they do the expansion. So the political hissy fit means real hospitals (and their stockholders) and real doctors (usually Repugs) are feeling the pinch, plus losing out on all that juicy new money. So naturally they’re pressuring the Repugs to do the smart thing and take the money. Now, here in Nebraska where our idiot governor did his protesting this means I pay taxes that went be spent in California who takes the funds and the California taxpayers don’t have to provide any money here (as a former California taxpayer I approve enthusiastically). IOW, now Nebraska is subsidizing California which is the reverse of the usual pattern, where farm states are the welfare queens. So political orthodoxy is really proving to be painful, so let’s see how long it takes the stupid arithmophobic Repugs to finally do the math.

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