QuickReaction, Sunday-4

Part of the reason I started doing these quick reaction posts was that I was accumulating links to articles I wanted to write about. But that backlog (either unpublished/partially done posts, my lists of “research” urls, or now little notes in this ongoing QuickReaction file) just continues to grow so I’m having trouble even with the Quick Reaction approach to keeping up. I’ve just got to find a way to get more of this done and out of sight.

Still in denial: Princess Romney doesn’t think the public got to know her plutocrat husband and that his image was all distorted. Yes, it was truthfully portrayed instead of the lying portrait his campaign tried to paint. And of course, despite the virulent rightwing media attacks on Obama the “media” was in the tank for Obama. At no time did I ever hear on about Mittens on MSNBC the kind of hate and trash that FauxNews was putting out, without even getting to Limbot and the rightwingnut entertainment complex. So Ann just demonstrates the bubble that the rich and privileged live in and how little they know about the real world. And Mittens himself thinks a “golden moment” is passing where huge gashing cuts could be made while lowering taxes on the rich if just he were in office instead of Obama. It’s very clear the Repugs live in a strange world, not of the 47%/53% or even the 99%/1% but in the aristocracy of the 0.1% and they will destroy the country before changing that view (of course all those rich people can move to Dubai, but of course with the U.S. in the dumper and unable to pay the bills for all that military who is going to protect them in Dubai?)

More junk nutrition “advice”: “Good advice” – HA! I should stop commenting on this category because almost all the “published” (web accessible) nutrition information is junk so why bother denouncing it. But this article is particularly bad and now I’ve seen this source multiple times, both the website and the quake Lustig who is just peddling books. Several aspects of this article are flat out false based on actual biochemistry and the rest is speculative or once again claiming associations are causation. Like the old saw, bad money drives out good, terrible nutrition information drives out truth.

Just get over it: This is a popular press account of a loosey-goosey study that seems correct to me. People with phobias slightly get over them when forced to try but then they revert back, based on attitudes. Of course it’s a feedback loop, phobias produce some of that negative attitude which then reinforces the phobias. So the solution is simple, just get over it. Oh great!

Utterly stupid Windows 7. I got the usual glitch in WiFi reception and of course Win7 is now locked into waiting on some event that will never happen (deadlocked) so it won’t scan for WiFi networks so I can’t reconnect so I have to reboot. This is an insane error and whoever did it at Microsoft should be fired for this. After decades of software development and management I know exactly why stuff like this happens and it is just unacceptably stupid bad project management. To have to reboot in order to reconnect to intermittent network sources is ABSURD!

All the worst to you Kansas: I hate to be so mean-spirited and small (gosh, sounding like a Repug) but I really hope the horrid “experiment” Brownback is doing in Kansas is a giant failure. There are so many things stupid about his idea to eliminate income taxes. 1) no one is going to move to Kansas due to this when there are already zero income tax states that are a lot more interesting places to live, 2) companies are not going to move to Kansas because their employees, who will mostly quit before moving to Kansas think their taxes will be lower (what company gives a damn, except maybe that they can lower wages by the amount the tax decreases), and, 3) the existing rich people in Kansas aren’t going to invest in Kansas because now their taxes are lower; they’ll invest wherever they can make the highest return which could be Cambodia to California to China. So exactly how does “supply side” economics, even if it weren’t already discredited at the level of a nation, apply to a state where there is total mobility of capital and people. Insane! It is pure pandering to what a few rich men, stuck in Kansas already, want and bad for 99.9% of the rest of the people in Kansas. When ideology overwhelms reason I hope facts kick them in the ass despite how mean that sounds.

I hope Curiosity survives: Since its amazing landing I’ve felt the people driving Curiosity have been too slow to actually explore and too much caught up in running tests of their 1.5B$ toy. Get some science done, folks! There may not be any tomorrow. Now one of their computers is blown up (I suspect they’ll get a workaround, but it sounds pretty bad on what the failure is). But meanwhile they have one lousy sample drilled and have hardly move up the mountain at all. This slow motion exploration may come grinding to a halt soon with little accomplished because so much time has been spent on the vehicle itself instead of its mission.


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old fat (but now getting trim and fit) guy, who used to create software in Silicon Valley (almost before it was called that), who used to go backpacking and bicycling and cross-country skiing and now geodashes, drives AWD in Wyoming, takes pictures, and writes long blog posts and does xizquvjyk.
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