QuickReaction, Friday-4

Overuse dilutes the meaning of words: The rightwingnuts are certainly getting quick to label anything they disagree with as ‘tyranny’. Obviously Daylight Savings just isn’t up there with slavery, occupation by a foreign nation, torture, mass arrests, all those wonderful hallmarks of actual tyranny. So at some point words that are overused, such as ‘tragedy’ lose their bite, maybe even their meaning (as tragedy as done). But during the time the word is being devalued it’s irritating to see the overuse, including by lefties on the word ‘diabetes’ or ‘obesity’ which now cover anyone who isn’t a hip vegan.

Lengthy article on the arcana of polling arcana, as it relates to Gallup, is interesting, but does it ask the more important point. Where is Gallup located? Who runs Gallup? Do we really think FauxNews would sound as it does if Arianna Huffington owned it or whether HuffPo would sound as it does if Murdoch owned it? None of the media, including the pollsters, is neutral today. It’s all opinion with cherry-picking of facts (or misinterpretation or just plain making up stuff if FauxNews). Gallup is located here in Omaha. The people they hire are predominantly Repugs and/or religinuts. Sure, their job is to talk to people on the phone and get straight answers. But tone matters. How many San Francisco liberals hang up when there hear the Midwestern voices or how many southern rednecks go on a rant. Gallup skews their results because they wanted Romney to win and methodology has little to do with it.

In one of many reactions Krugman points out the folly of rightwingnut forecasters: This is one of Paul’s whipping boys, how often the right claims the needs of the stock market or the bond market should dictate economic policy. Now, first, this assumption is entirely one we can challenge – is the purpose of the U.S. economic to make bond traders rich? Or benefit the entire population? But even if you accept the purpose of the U.S. economy is just to make the idle and economically unproductive investment class rich, does radical austerity against everyone else actually accomplish this? And finally, are their predictions even vaguely correct? Especially those predicting interest rates or inflation will soar, which has never happened, ever, over anything they predict? Wow, the rightwingnuts would call climate scientists alarmists – how about the Wall Street alarmists! Our banks are so fragile, our bond traders so delicate, that the least little thing will crush their spirit and crush their indices. Such poor pathetic little creatures that they can’t withstand any policies except those that put money in their pocket, immediately (because long-term they bust themselves). Paul continues to drive home the point we’re not having much a recovery because we’ve never done stimulus (just useless tax breaks) and it’s showing in the lack of recovery, but amazingly we have pumped enough easy money into Wall Street that they’re back to their glory days and working hard on creating the next bust.

I was going to rant about another junk nutrition study and then I realized this is the same one I’ve previously called out and just that it’s now getting a new dose of visibility when in fact it should be punched down. I call out the rightwingnut echo chamber; well, in this case (any of the junk nutrition stuff) it’s the lefties who fall for the bad information and misinterpret the facts. So instead of ranting against the study I’ll rant about all the popular media that continues to hype these things with their lurid headlines.

At least they’re consistent: The catholic church continues to oppose equal rights and to demand to impose their religious beliefs on health care providers. Otherwise they’ll stomp their feet and oppose a law (Violence Against Women) that is impossible to oppose in good conscience. Amazing how these groups put their rightwightnut social agenda before the needs of people. But they’ve been doing this for a long time so of course it would be crazy to expect them to change and join the modern world.

Oh no, I need to bury my head and I will explode. March is National Nutrition Month! No wonder I’ve been seeing all this junk information floating around. This is the month of celebration of the nutrition nuts and food scolds where they get to peddle their pet theories without any regard to facts. ICK! So get ready for the deluge of crank theories.


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