QuickReaction, Sunday-5

The interest rate hawks are after the Fed: Despite seeing record low interest rates for a ridiculously long amount of time AND seeing virtually no inflation (except the commodity inflation Goldman Sachs artificially creates with their bogus futures indices) the interest rate hawks and deficit freaks are still out there, just waiting to pounce on some news to prove the real threat to the U.S. economy is inflation. After all why would anyone buy gold if it weren’t for inflation or chaos fears and guess what these folks have in their portfolio or are selling. The new idea is that somehow the Fed pays its surplus interest received to the Treasury, thus appearing to reduce the deficit. Since the Fed has all this bad debt on its books due to Quantitative Easing (which is hated by the hawks, but they don’t mention all the crappy securities the Fed let the Wall Street crowd and AIG unload on them, I guess bailouts are still good). Yes, the Fed does have a lot of bad debts which it will have to write down and those downgrades might swamp interest rates when interest rates soar. Now why are interest rates going to soar? No answer. And other than foreign investors, who controls interest rates? I guess the Fed does. So exactly why is that interest rates are going to soar and the Fed will take big losses? No answer. All this is is that the interest rate hawks hate the Fed doing any stimulus. Now I’ve felt that monetary stimulus is very ineffective, but given Washington isn’t doing any stimulus and persists in wanting to push austerity (based on the wonderful results in Europe, not!) the huge amount of Fed stimulus is having a weak economic stimulus effect so I suspect that Bernanke will keep it up for a while longer so the hawks will have to wait a while before their speculative investments pay off.

GMO producers are taking the wrong tack: Whole Foods will force the issue of GMO labeling. But labeling is one of those things that will inevitably win. So the food producers are really stupid to try to prevent it. Yes, they’ll take a small hit in sales when it comes out, but long-term the public will forget. What the public may not forget so quickly is the apparent “conspiracy” about GMO. In reality the food producers should spend their money explaining GMO and how human beings have been selectively breeding food sources for thousands of years and how GMO changes are actually more precise than the crude breeding techniques we’ve previously used. Any person who believes they’re actually able to find “heirloom” foods that date to pre-technology are stupid as fence posts. All food is genetically modified; the only question is via which technology. GMO is safe and the producers should use that campaign, instead of cover-up. If GMO companies had explained: a) their techniques are green, b) their techniques decrease resource depletion due to farming, and, c) their techniques are precise and safe, maybe this whole issue wouldn’t get any traction. There is no there there fighting GMO, any more than the war on sugar, the war for fiber, or any of the other nutrition fads. All these will be forgotten when the food police move on to their next whipping boy and the public, tired of contradictory information, will make their own choices. So stop fighting labeling and get out in front of it. It’s just stupid that business develops this kneejerk anti-X attitudes because their CEOs believe all the Repug propaganda that everything is political. Here is actually a good rebuttal of some of the anti-GMO nonsense.

I’m glad someone exposes TED: It’s really like one of those things, like Bohemian Grove or Davos, where the glitterati, some of them vaguely lefties, go to be seen, to schmooze, to network, and mostly just to celebrate how wonderful they are. The pure Wall Street rich are happy to just go where the money flows and the surroundings are the most expensive trashy stuff you can imagine, but this crowd wants to think of itself as sophisticated, smart, and hip, so they’re there, really at an elitist social event with the performing acts on the stage that people are only sorta paying attention to. TED is the Oscars for the ???, well what would you call them, certainly not “scientists”, absolutely not “thinkers”, mostly not “progressive”, so just trendy almost-hyper-rich people. It’s a charade and often the content is as stupid as some of the crap you’d hear at a tent revival.

So Windows 8 is bombing out: Poor old Microsoft – they’re stuck with all the technophobes who don’t want any change. So Windows 8 is not winning any friends in the installed base and simultaneously has not impressed the crowd headed to tablet-land at full speed. Sounds a lot like what happened to Blackberry. That’s the problem with owning the enterprise market and being shaped by it – yes, you can keep the strangers out but they will end-run you and leave you with conservative boring technology and then one day everyone will wake up and realize the younger guy has whisked the beauty off to the dance and now the fat old guys want in on the action, until, of course, you actually change and give them Windows 8. I bet if you did a poll you’d finally Microsoft customers are mostly Repugs and Apple customers are mostly Dems. So it’s the same-old, same-old, those that fight change, those that embrace it. So Microsoft if you give in and go back to default boot up of the desktop with Start button your days are numbered; you must drag your installed base, kicking and screaming into the second decade of the 21st century.

Lazy moms, fix it yourself! These moms are hassling Kraft to remove dies from their boxed macaroni and cheese over some minor and unsubstantiated health claims. Here’s a suggestion for you moms – make it yourself from scratch! The boxed macaroni and cheese is no more convenient than from scratch – you still have to boil and drain the pasta, then make the sauce. Guess what, with that same effort and time you can make really delicious macaroni and cheese that box stuff can’t even begin to approach. And guess what, you’ll save money to. And then guess what, you’ll know exactly what is in your mix. Perhaps you could even use some whole wheat pasta. Perhaps you could cut the fat. Maybe you could use real and tasty cheese. If you can wait a little longer for your brats to eat, then do a baked version for even more taste. Or even try the tomato version. Then maybe you can get adventurous and learn some other pasta dishes and quick sauces your kids will love. Don’t blame Kraft for having additives in factory food (what is that cheese stuff, anyway? Have you check ALL the ingredients?). Stop being so lazy and learn to cook. You’ll love it and your kids will love it.

Over the top nutrition nuttery: A PhD candidate, not yet an accomplished scientist, is now going to tell us to cook foods at low temperatures and avoid generating any crust (the good part) that comes from searing. Otherwise the boogieman of diabetes will come eat you, oh horrors. Presumably he’s denouncing the Maillard reaction, the magic that almost every cookbook tries to teach you to achieve. Oh will the food police stop taking all taste out of our food in their quest for more and more terror alerts! The compounds created by the Maillard reaction are complex and not the easily digestible white sugar type carbs. And did I mention they taste good. These food scolds won’t be happy until our diet is reduced to eating the mush the crew of the Nebuchadnezzar (remember The Matrix) had to eat. Just stop it with the stupid advice! And does HuffPo ever screen any of their health articles to get rid of the obvious wackos and extremists? I read it now just to get material to ridicule and to decide to do the exact opposite of what their “advice” says. Stupid leftie food zealots!


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