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Reasons to unplug

This article is one of these lists about something I should do. Let’s take a look. It’s about health reasons why one should unplug, not a big issue for me, but I’ll comment anyway: Zaps Focus And Productivity: Might apply if … Continue reading

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Applied Nate Silver – a warning

I’m doing a good job of demonstrating how bad my predictions are. Many people like to claim they predicted (notice the past tense) something when in reality the only “prediction” to evaluate is those made in indelible form that can be … Continue reading

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QuickReaction, Saturday-6

Larry Bell, Forbes’ AGW denialist gets to publish his rant in Forbes, who is obviously no friend of anyone but the ultrarich and of course lies and denies and misleads. So what’s new? I even wonder whether any of these … Continue reading

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