QuickReaction, Sunday-7

So much for the waste in Iraq: All those lives, all that treasure, and now we see Iraq is helping Iran arm Syria and prop up Assad. Oh goodie, so much for George Dumbya Bush’s and the neocon’s brilliant foreign policy, utterly lacking in strategic intent or understanding of the middle east. Driven by personal animus toward Saddam Dumbya really blew it. We could justify invading Iraq again now that they really are helping one of our enemies.  Stupid waste.

HTML5 sucks – 2: I’ve already blogged on this subject but I just hate to point out this stupid article from a non-techie rag that uses a very superficial analysis (not actually based on any experience) to conclude that HTML5 will prevail over native apps. Possibly in numbers that will be true but no one in their right mind, who can afford app development, will prefer HTML5 over apps. At best HTML5 is a bad compromise with poor user experience; at worst apps are a bit more expensive to develop. So it’s simple really, good means app, cheap means HTML5. Now Mr. BusinessInsider, which image do you want, lazy and too cheap to really provide good experience to your users, or demonstrate you care by doing it right.

Islamist political parties will never support democracy: They support democracy when it gives them power, but not when it takes it away. Religion and politics don’t mix. Politics have to accommodate, has to compromise, has to be inclusive; religion is exclusionary (everyone else is wrong) and seeks only its own agenda. Islamic parties in third world states are the same as the Commie regimes of the past, disciplined and thus they’ll win, but ultimately they’ll have to use oppression, then violence to support their cause. Egypt is a mess and the “brotherhood” will never relinquish power without violence and maybe not even then. Dumbya and the neocons were idiots for assuming “democracy” didn’t mean religion controlling the state, which after all is what the religinuts are trying to do here (and succeeding in North Dakota).

What a joke, FauxNews is too liberal: Another greedy opportunist has joined the party. Not willing to live Murdoch to collect all the rightwingnut money the folks behind Mega Yachts and Party Mamas has decided to move in. They claim, unlike all the other media, they’ll present straight news (yeah, like Faux does with its “fair and balanced”, I wonder what slogan this new crap will use). But I say more power to them even though this new network is likely to be far to the right tinpot South American dictators because they’ll cut Faux’s revenues and maybe actually force them to the center so they can find new viewers. Until you have a rightwingnut so far right there is no room left on the right, someone will think that moving right is their ticket to glory.

It works until it doesn’t: The idea of a “tipping point” (aka discontinuity) for the entire earth (or some significant subsystem thereof) is very scary. Because it is not predictable. As humans we’re used to linear behavior, change inputs a little bit and outputs change a little bit and usually proportionately. But systems do not always behave that way, not manmade systems, not natural systems. The most obvious is an earthquake, stress builds up and then is suddenly (and unpredictably) released. Watch the movies of Mt. St. Helens for a demonstration. So simply we can be breaking things, badly, and not really know it until it’s too late. The earth has been through a lot in 5ish billion years so puny humans are unlikely to provide a more serious shock. But the whole point is while we can’t kill the earth, nor probably kill all life on the earth, we can kill ourselves or other parts that are needed to sustain us. And if we kill those, via passing through a tipping point, it will be too late for I-told-you-so’s. In the recent reminders of the stupid Iraq war and especially Cheney’s 1% doctrine it’s too bad the Repugs don’t use the 1% doctrine for the earth. Even if Saddam had WMD and even if he gave them to Al Qaeda and even if they used them in the U.S., the 1% possibility Cheney feared, life would go on. If we hit a tipping point, life won’t go on, we’ll all be dead, probably painfully. So why were the Repugs so worried about that risk and yet totally dismiss the more serious risks – simple, in both cases it is greed and greed for oil in particular (getting it in the case of invading Iraq, protecting profits from it in the case of denialism). So oil is toxic and will be the substance that brings down humanity.

The Nebraska legislature will finally allow a discussion on climate change: It’s amazing what a little drought will do. Undoubtedly the Repug control of this state wants to deny AGW, like the national anti-science Repugs. But climate change is hitting the pocketbook and that appears to take precedence over dogma, or at least to discuss it. OTOH, if climate change discussion reveals anything the ranchers don’t like (like methane from cows is causing climate change) then, of course, they’ll put their heads back in the sand and bury the science. At least Nebraska is better than South Carolina where the legislature banned any discussion of sea level changes; I guess it’s easier to hold back the ocean than to find grass for cows.


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