Applied Nate Silver – stuck in the ’90s (but moving now) – 1

Without realizing it here’s what I did to break out of the pattern. The idea is that your body does get stuck in a rut, either eating or exercise, and thus aggressively tries to conserve fat. To break out of the rut you have to trick the body.

I’ve done two of the recommended items (without seeing the recommendations), drastic single day consumption restriction and radically different exercise. On both occasions I then had dramatic loss, which I attributed to be anomalously low values. But this article claims this is to be expected.

Now the idea, periodic fasting, periodic changes in exercise pattern, seems easy to implement. I’ve found that if I do resist eating the hunger goes away and then I can go a long time before it returns. According to these evolutionary ideas that is built into us since regular eating is NOT what our ancestors did. So all that nutritional stuff I tend to criticize that advocates never skipping meals could easily be wrong.

Of course this is a fad too, so why believe this any more than any of the other pure opinion nutrition advice. Well, the short answer is that it’s easy. So it will be interesting to see if it really works, not for weight loss, but for maintenance – my next challenge.

p.s. Here’s some other info about calorie burn estimates from exercise machines. I’m definitely surprised by this statement since my experience is almost the opposite.

Mostly all cardio machines overestimate calories, buy by how much? The University of California at San Francisco’s Human Performance Center conducted a study to answer this question. They found stationary bikes to be the most accurate at an overestimation of 7%, stair climbers at 12%, treadmills by 13%, and ellipticals overestimated calories a staggering 42%.



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