Actually saw one of these

Here’s the link to the story but I had to grab the photo to put directly in the post; I’m sure they won’t mind the publicity by my posting the photo:


Crazy right!

There was actually one of these in Nashville when we were there on vacation. We were looking for the music scene and driving downtown when travel ground to a crawl because this thing, with a bunch of in-the-process-of-getting-drunk young ladies were pedaling it. It was our first clue something was going on. We discovered the night we wanted to go to some clubs was the same night Elton John was in town and the party had started early (or, maybe they do that every Friday night).

Away this weird contraption is a road hazard, especially on narrow city streets, but it appears Nashville is so used to any craziness related to music nobody objects to the thing.

natchez1 075(rotated,cropped,downsampled)

Here’s people getting an early start on a beautiful evening, hours before the Elton John concert. That place was so jammed we had to find another spot on a side street. Clearly music (plus drinking and young women dancing solo (while the men sit, not even watching) in cowboy boots and short-shorts) is serious there. After a few Yazoos we didn’t feel so old and out-of-place.


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