Sweet and Savory Focaccia with Grapes

From my new blog just focused on cooking and baking

Cookbooks: Experiments in Cooking

(Adapted from an original source recipe that was a bit simpler from local newspaper.) And here’s a variation found on the net. And here’s yet another. These two are free-form shape rather than done in sheet pan. And here is an interesting variant I want to try as a contrast. King Arthur also has this recipe and Giada De Laurentiis has this simpler variation. So this appears to be a frequently cited recipe on the net.

Time: About 8 hours total elapsed time, so start in morning to have for evening meal.

Combine in Food Processor

3 1/2 cups all-purpose flour

1 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon instant (not rapid-rise yeast)

Spin to mix well.

My Option. Add a small biga for extra flavor

2 oz sifted (thus fine) cornmeal

2 oz whole wheat flour

4 oz thin sourdough starter (mine was based on bread flour, 100% hydration)

Assemble biga, let…

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