China won the Iraq war

Huh, I said when I first saw this article in the New York Times. But it makes total sense.

“We lost out,” said Michael Makovsky, a former Defense Department official in the Bush administration who worked on Iraq oil policy. “The Chinese had nothing to do with the war, but from an economic standpoint they are benefiting from it, and our Fifth Fleet and air forces are helping to assure their supply.”

Yes, oilmen Dick Cheney and George Bush fought the Iraq war (too bad it wasn’t them actually doing the fighting, why do we credit leaders hiding in bunkers with “fighting”) so they could get oil and make more money for their rich oilmen crowd. But they not only were totally incompetent at the war itself (or at least the aftermath) they couldn’t even then get the oil. The Chinese sit on the sidelines while we bleed and go broke on unfunded spending (why don’t the Repugs complain about that part of the debt?) and then move in.

But here’s the other part:

Notably, what the Chinese are not doing is complaining. Unlike the executives of Western oil giants like Exxon Mobil, the Chinese happily accept the strict terms of Iraq’s oil contracts, which yield only minimal profits. China is more interested in energy to fuel its economy than profits to enrich its oil giants.

So when China goes after the oil, it’s not to hype the earnings of oil companies, it’s not to put more bonuses into CEOs pockets, it’s to protect and expand their economy. Imagine that, actually pursuing a policy that does some good for the many (the expanding car owners in China) instead of the few (the rich greedy oilmen).

So China wins twice – they get the spoils of a war they didn’t fight while we paid the bill and then they distribute those spoils to everyone in their country instead of the few.

Brilliant! Cheney and his neocon goons that snowjobbed the stupidest president ever made the most monumental mistake in war since Hitler invaded Russia or Japan attacked Pearl Harbor.



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