As usual nutrition “experts” are wrong

I’ve preached this line before, disputing the dogma that breakfast is critical to weight loss (for me it means weight gains), but now there is some scientific evidence of this. The dogma, incorrect as usual, claims skipping breakfast means you’ll get hungry and eat too much later. This study directly contradicts that claim, which then raises the question where was the evidence for the dogma to begin with (or was it just someone’s pet theory that ossified into conventional wisdom without any evidence).

Now, in fact, based on utterly unscientific sample size (me, which, of course, is what all the other “experts” use as their sample) eating breakfast just makes one hungrier for more but also it breaks the “streak” (fasting) and once you’ve sinned it is easier to sin some more (i.e. once you’ve eaten, now eating some more is not breaking down as you’ve already done that).

Now, of course, it is certainly possible to stuff yourself at breakfast, especially with foods that will “stick to your ribs” and thus delay the desire to eat later, but guess how many calories a meal like that will be! (It had better be your only meal for the day). So the couple of tablespoons of mush the nutrition scolds claim you should eat is just a teaser. You’d be better off skipping it all together and then eating some useful quantity later.

So why do these “experts” end up being wrong most of the time (I believe it is around 90% of the time). My general conclusion is simply that they’re light on hardcore education, i.e. science, and let political correctness drive their uninformed opinions (and that is what they spout).

So, come on, folks – where are the facts? You’re harming people with this bogus information that is as fact-free as your breakfast menus are taste-free.


p.s. I really wish you guys would get this stuff right. I hate criticizing you as I just discovered it puts me in the same group as Limbot. It was bad enough when I was saying the same thing as Sarah Palin, but Limbaugh, that really sucks. I don’t want to be on the same side as the denialists, but when the “experts” are so wrong it’s hard to do anything but point that out.


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