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Just a little footnote

After all the ranting I’ve done at nutrition nonsense but also the silliness of defining “disease” by a number on a blood test (i.e. the stupid way diabetes is measured) I guess I’ve got one test result I can’t hand-wave … Continue reading

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Critical reasoning about nutrition

I’ve ranted about bad nutrition information and HuffPo continues to publish nonsense, so what about an exercise for you, Dr. Reader, to figure out an important issue in nutrition. The religinuts in Texas are trying to sneak creationism into science … Continue reading

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Two words I’d like to see disappear

I’m sure you’ve seen the effect (assuming you’ve been on the planet for very long) that certain words pop up in common usage and then get very popular and then turn into something that sounds like fingernails-on-the-blackboard due to overuse. … Continue reading

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Great (and deserved) put-down of Whole Paycheck

This piece is my view of a great piece of writing in the art form of putdown; I couldn’t possibly write something this good, so just read the piece instead of me. I actually like Whole Foods and shop there … Continue reading

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Reviving my blog

I’d meant to restart my blog activity with a scintillating post today but stupid Starbucks and their new policy of chasing me away (see my older posts) interfered. So here it is late at night and no time to really … Continue reading

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