Two words I’d like to see disappear

I’m sure you’ve seen the effect (assuming you’ve been on the planet for very long) that certain words pop up in common usage and then get very popular and then turn into something that sounds like fingernails-on-the-blackboard due to overuse. While utterly impossible to accomplish there are two such words, now bandied about in all sorts of stupid ways, I’d like to see banned.


What a stupid idea just on the literal surface level meaning. Amusingly Michael Pollan and his cult, who buy into “whole foods” and not “nutritionism”, nonetheless immediately do exactly what they condemn by this designation of “super” to foods (obviously designed as the flip-side of frankenfoods they love to apply to GMOs but that has been overused and so is out of fashion). No, you idiots – food is food. It contains good stuff and even your much loved kale and quinoa contains bad stuff (if you just name any organic compound in any food by its chemical name it sounds like the same stuff they denounce; plus show me any “superfood” that doesn’t contain far more than 20 ingredients – learn some chemistry, you dingbats!). Food isn’t magic and it isn’t evil. In fact, if you actually learn something about nutrition (instead of blindly following trendy fads) you will quickly learn: 1) calories, from anything, make you fat if consumed in excess of the amount you burn, 2) any food with higher calorie density must be consumed in lower quantities, relatively speaking and “good” fats make you just as fat as “bad” fats, 3) anything even vaguely approximating a balanced diet is giving you ample supply of nutrients and you don’t need either “superfoods” or supplements to just put more expensive chemicals in your urine.



Over the years this word completely changed its meaning and became the holy grail of how we should live our lives. Balderdash! But I could live with that silliness but now as a local issue the misuse/overuse of ‘passion’ has become really stupid.

Technically ‘anger’ could be labeled as ‘passion’ but I don’t think that’s really what we want to encourage. What I’m referring to is the recent flap of crazyman Bo Pellini, the coach of the University of Nebraska football team. Bo has clear and obvious anger management issues, to an excessive level that I believe makes him actually dangerous, but certain a poor coach, not to mention nasty and disrespectful to others.

And his excess temper and filthy mouth just got him in deep doo-doo, that of course the fans of football who prefer cage wrestling and brutality to well-executed intelligent athletic performance are now attempting to justify their biased choice of this inept and terrible coach on the grounds he’s “passionate”.

No, folks, he’s just crazy.

And he’s a bad coach.

Let’s not forget the idea that he’s supposed to be a defensive “genius” and his defense keeps getting blown out in big games and is nearly the worst of major teams. What genius is that!

Now Bo earned his fan support by taking the players that Bill Callihan recruited (since he was a good recruiter) and did some butt-kicking and managed to get that defense good enough to make up for the usual awful Nebraska offenses.

But now the players are the ones Bo has recruited. And recruiting, by all sorts of measures, has been terrible, not to mention that going to the Big10 pushed Nebraska into even more stupid style of play that no skill player wants to ruin his shot at the NFL. So Nebraska continues to have no offense since offensive players want to be on teams where their skills will be used and they’ll shine and get their huge contracts. Plus the Big10 in general hates offense, given they’re still not convinced football isn’t just rugby. And defense is so wonderfully brutal that the knuckledragger fans can satisfy their bloodlust.

IOW, Bo is a lousy coach who isn’t going to somehow restore the magic to Nebraska football (probably impossible for any coach, including Osborne and Bob Devaney, reincarnate) .

So instead the fans want to rebrand his lack of anger control as ‘passion’. Listening to local TV programs passion gets used three times in every sentence and it is silly.


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old fat (but now getting trim and fit) guy, who used to create software in Silicon Valley (almost before it was called that), who used to go backpacking and bicycling and cross-country skiing and now geodashes, drives AWD in Wyoming, takes pictures, and writes long blog posts and does xizquvjyk.
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