526 days to go and Marissa Mayer is an idiot

Added Note: Please note this rant precedes the terrible earnings reports that resulting in a drop in Yahoo stock price. The glow is beginning to wear off. This article does a nice job of making the point; Marissa doesn’t look so good.

It’s a good thing I won’t have to be using anything from Yahoo much longer because their software absolutely sucks and has gotten much much worse since Marissa began her reign of terror. I think all the Yahoo employees are so irritated by her policies they are deliberately degrading their already bad software to the level of unusability so that “customers” will protest and finally drive Marissa out. This shows what happens when a business gets run in order to serve its impatient investors instead of customers, fake change that makes things worse. Several parts of Yahoo I used to routinely use, somewhat reluctantly because they sucked a little, now do not work at all.

The Yahoo group feature now manages to be even worse than the Obamacare site, absurdly stupid, not just hard to use, but flat-out broken and nonfunctional.  And Yahoo mail is so bad now I can’t manage all the junk mail I direct to that site (instead of my actual email site that still works, despite my frequent grumbling about its stupidity). The real villain in all this is Javascript – programmers continue to be fascinated with this piece of crap and build ever more complicated non-working scripts. You fools – don’t you ever do any QA? Javascript is a sinkhole, guaranteed not to work properly across browsers despite attempts to create multiplatform libraries (an impossible task, they’ll never cover up all the discrepancies).

But Yahoo has been and is the worst because they have all those unmotivated and hostile employees (and probably the least competent ones because anyone who can find any other job would never work at Yahoo). So Marissa, way to go – drive the truck with two flat tires, leaking gaskets, and worn-out brakes deeper into the ditch.


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12 Responses to 526 days to go and Marissa Mayer is an idiot

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  2. dmill96 says:

    From various recent articles (links not available at the moment) it’s also clear Marissa puts more time and energy into negotiating (extorting) her compensation and then polishing her PR image and living a lavish lifestyle than actually running Yahoo who continues to make its key sticky service, email, work worse and worse with every new release and patch. While men have demonstrated ample doses of their own vanity and greed nonetheless Marissa seems to fit in the female power mode of Carly Fiorina, vacuous glamour stars whose main accomplishment is their own image, until that fails, of course, and reality takes over. So Carly, the queen is dead, Marissa, long live the queen.

  3. dmill96 says:

    Sure enough, Yahoo results were weak and Marissa kept up the song-and-dance about wonders to come. How long will she get to claim success without actually having any?

  4. dmill96 says:

    This brief article and photo does say it all. The article is labeled “Marissa Mayer’s Face Says All You Need To Know About Yahoo “.

  5. nowbodhi says:

    Fuck her in her deaf, preening, moronic ear. She intentionally destroyed Yahoo! Mail and made in unusable, just to justify her 37 million dollar compensation package… ooh look I came and CHANGED THINGS. Never mind that the changes render the service ENTIRELY UNUSABLE. She is about as interested in what the actual customers of Yahoo! think of her foolishness than an avocado is interested in an artichoke, and the idea that someone with this complete lack of credibility in the tech industry can rise to this level is all the proof that is needed that this country is a ship of fools gulag at this point, with vacuous CEOs running around living the lives of Sultans and Princesses whilst the product they are allegedly supplying to the marketplace functions NOT AT ALL. Because that’s the game, isn’t it? Civilizationless civilization, where the whole place is like Rock Ridge in “Blazing Saddles,” just a cardboard motherfucking bullshit propaganda construct not at all intended to supply any meaningful result other than the enrichment of the porcine, corporate sociopath devils that profit from the cartoon venality. Death to this wretched paradigm; people like her who enable its exploitative stance and its outright celebration of negligence should be OVERTHROWN by any means necessary YESTERDAY.

    • dmill96 says:

      Wow, why don’t you tell us what you really think!

      I agree that the changes at Yahoo are entirely cosmetic, and as a user, mostly bad for users. Users are just fodder for shoving ads in their face, not just at Yahoo but on all the social sites. Yahoo is actually less good at this than other sites which is really the root of their financial difficulties. So in some ways, if she were more successful at doing something statistically significant, i.e. increasing ad revenues, that the short-term mentality Wall Street types demand it would just drive away more users and more employees (does anyone actually WANT to work at Yahoo these days?)

    • Al Zinchotti says:

      UN-Usable is QUITE the understatement. Infrastructure likened only to unraveling a piece of steel wool

  6. dmill96 says:

    I certainly don’t appear to be alone in my views on this as this article has now taken over first place, since its publication, in my views. Looking at the search term statistics lots of people clearly associate the term ‘idiot’ and ‘Marissa Mayer’, but of course I don’t see the hits by her defenders. What Yahoo, and several of the other doing-poorly web companies, have turned into is just a mechanism to convert ad dollars into pay for top people regardless of performance. While the “top” (at the moment, until they hit their fall) Net companies and their executives seem to be justified in super compensation more and more it appears to me that the Net has the worse outrages in compensation for a very small number of people vs actual service/product provided to the public. Do the boards of directors and/or stockholders of these companies actually analyze results or just fall for self-proclaimed superstars? Next in the chute of IPOs is the totally empty suit of Box.Net who manages to spend more money on sales and marketing than they take in for revenue – what a business model that is!

  7. Andrew says:

    The interesting thing about todays economy, and it has been talked about ever since the inception of Capitalism and Adam Smith is this idea of “utility” and our perception of value. Here, Marissa is hired to improve and innovate Yahoo, and even though her “utility” and usefulness to the company has resulted in negative payoffs – in fact, debts that have seen the company falter – she gets a free lunch and a fat salary. She produces negative results, and yet receives enormous profits. If we look at it close enough Yahoo is an example of anti-Capitalism; Marissa does the same hours as most employees. Her ideas, and practices have cost the company dearly. How do we do the math on this one? She ends up being worth, on average, more than 100 times the average employee in the company, and yet all her actions have yielded less than zero results. How do we make sense of all this? According to my math, if you produce zero profit, and the projected sustainability of the company is negative, your reward should also be negative… definitely not $37,000,000.

    • dmill96 says:

      Thanks for the comment. It is interesting that we have drifted toward “performance-based” compensation, largely an unintended consequence of a tax law change, and the results are horrible. Even more compensation for terrible CEOs with even more short-term focus,.

      But your comment points out how particularly inane this is in the case of Marissa, huge compensation in exchange for terrible results. Of course as a celebrity CEO she manages to convince her board great things are just around the corner so they continue to transfer shareholder value to CEO pocketbook. If any other employee of Yahoo had such a deleterious consequence they would have been terminated long ago,

      But Yahoo is in a mess. It had an old business model that doesn’t work any more (somewhat like most aging companies, e.g. Microsoft). So clearly they need to shake up the company and develop more attractive offerings. But too many “rescue” CEOs do that simply by blaming the employees and beating them up (layoffs or change in work rules or de facto paycuts). Sure, it was the telecommuting employees who set business plans and policy! So who is to blame for the Yahoo mess, certainly not the staff (or at least not the worker bees)? So where is the new product direction? Where is the new excitement (including any incentive for top people to work at Yahoo instead of some startup)? And whose job is that?

      Someday the board (possibly requiring some Icahn-like takeover guy shaking things up) will decide their experiment with Marissa didn’t work. And she’ll be canned with a huge golden parachute and probably 100M$+ that could have been used to actually fix Yahoo will have been wasted.

      I wonder what percentage of the glamour CEOs (and it’s not just women in this category) have actually succeeded.

  8. dmill96 says:

    Recent results have certainly validated my claims. Now Marissa is falling back on the last refuge of a corporate scandal – layoffs. So let’s blame the lowly grunts instead of the showboat CEO. Probably those grunts will be better off to go someplace with a future. Activist (vultures) board members out for a breakup which is just old-fashioned greenmail of the 1980s generation, so Marissa spends her time fending off personal attack rather than running the business. Meanwhile what has happened at Yahoo – a big nothing. The world is marching past it. They can’t even manage to come up with some tiny hit. Of course in their old school thinking they charge the center (sorta like losing power football teams) rather than working the edges. Put some entirely new services in your portfolio and stop fighting trench warfare with Google over search (look how well Microsoft has done that with Bing). But that’s the trouble with a no-there-there CEO, read the spreadsheets, apply Harvard Biz School logic to a failing business in a sector where only innovation can bail you out. If Jobs had done the same thing when he returned to Apple he’d be still fighting Gates to try to expand tiny Mac market share, but he side-slipped the whole main front battle and went to the edges (the old Yogi Berra dictum – hit ’em where they ain’t) and ran around Microsoft with something new. Yahoo just keeps charging up the middle and getting killed, or dancing around with financial or tax gimmicks. Jobs succeeded (and was just as much, if not more, of a showboat) where Mayer hasn’t simply because Jobs looked for new business and found it. Come on Marissa, isn’t there anything new out there you could use to put Yahoo back on the map of relevance! (And don’t try AI, you’ll get killed in that too, all the seats are already taken)

  9. MrBusy says:

    Yahoo is becoming cyber-scrap. It is well past time to scrap Marissa .

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