525DTG: Yeah BoSox and Boo Pelini

I’m switching my title line to use DTG (Days To Go) just to shorten it. By now all my loyal readers should know what this means and the rest of you won’t care.

I’m delighted for the Red Sox, beating the evil Cardinals. In 1967 the Cardinals crushed my fantasy with the Sox. I was living near Kenmore Square in Boston and so got the full thrill of the win that led to the Series, but then the evil Cardinals, esp. the evil Bob Gibson crushed my boys. Naturally there is an irony that Bob Gibson is from Omaha and a local hero, go figure. At least Boston evened the score over time so I lived long enough to see them vindicated. But those beards – silly.

Meanwhile the sage of Husker football and especially the idiot, arrogant and obnoxious Bo Pelini. Pelini is all puffed up anger and is clueless about actually adjusting during the game. He has yes-men assistants and ponderously figures out the game plan. OTOH, smart coaches used guile and surprise, not just yelling and screaming. So Minnesota, a physically inferior team, played their best and smartest and walked all over the Huskers who never adjusted. As the game was on I kept thinking, this is just like Wisconsin, playing the surprises, and sure enough the Minnesota staff said that was exactly the game they tried to copy. Bo is just to slow and stupid and stubborn to adjust in real-time and he keeps playing the team he studied on film days earlier.

But then there are the fans. They have a simple solution. Go back to the pure smash mouth game they played in 1997 and everything will be wonderful. Of course, the whole reason we’re going through three coaches now is exactly that old-fashioned football doesn’t work anymore. Sure this is a conservative state who loves 1913 more than 2013, but if you guys want to win, well, you’ve got to play in this century not the last. So the old formula is not going to work and a coach with “passion” (i.e. anger management issues) is not the answer.

So when we go to the game on Saturday Bo will want to crush Northwestern (and probably will since they’re a paper tiger) with brutal defense and incessant pounding run game. I suspect they’ll play Tommy Armstrong, obviously running him since he can’t throw, but really put the load on Abdullah (who will probably get hurt from excessive number of touches) and then pass only on long bombs after Northwestern adjusts to the ground game (oh, yes, the classic open up the pass with the run, stupid, last century mentality). And it will probably work and all will be right with the world until Michigan and/or Michigan State when the run games gets stuffed by a brawling defense.

And another season wasted trying to play like the old glory days, but Bo keeps his job (maybe) and maybe even a bonus. It will be interesting to see if he tries to rescue his brother after being fired but maybe even the desire for wins won’t be enough to justify drug use, but don’t be surprised in Bo sacks Papuchis and brings back Carl, which naturally the fans will cheer (it’s interesting how they ignore recruiting, the best the Pelini’s did on defense was with players Callahan recruited – figure that one, in short, so much for the myth of defensive genus).



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