Please Don’t Feed the Morons

Now that I’m back from the dead I can resume my rants against my favorite target – self-proclaimed nutrition experts who are inside fools and/or just peddling books. One of my favorite targets, himself a favorite of the Clintons, is David Katz, frequent blogger on the totally stupid health pages of HuffPo. Katz is a proponent of the rebranded scam, Alternative Medicine, now being peddled under the “Integrative Medicine” term (whatever that can possibly mean, except it’s just the latest buzzword for unscientific, wrong, deceitful witch doctoring).

So, my good buddy David (who or his minions loves to censor my comments, no wonder since in every post he shills for his book and in every comment I accuse him of that – Huffpo doesn’t want anyone to see the emperor’s new clothes) has his latest bit of stupidity under the Please Don’t Feed the Morons.

He starts with:

With the exception of rare and particularly bleak days, I don’t tend to think of myself as a moron — nor, as far as I can tell, do those who know me well and love me. I will hazard a guess that neither you nor those who love you think of you as a moron, either. So let’s be bold, proffer one another the mutual benefit of any disparate doubts, and declare: We are not morons!

Well, no, David I won’t accuse you of being a moron – in fact, you’re a relatively clever gutter slime charlatan – but moron, no. Of course, most of what you say is moronic, but that’s just your pitch to your readers you are trying to pump up by asserting they’re not morons either.

The real point of this article, which is hard to argue against, and certainly I don’t is:

And yet, as a matter of routine we are fed a steady diet of both food and food for thought as if we were abject morons. That’s how it’s served to us — but of course, only we get to decide whether or not to swallow such insalubrious slop.

On the matter of common sense, … We apply it routinely to finances, home care, our careers and our families. We just turn it off when captivating promises about effortless weight loss, miraculous vitality, or age reversal waft our way.

Yeppers, it’s how people like you sell books. Trouble is you’re now calling us morons again, aren’t you – you’re first contradiction (logic, facts, and science have never been Katz’s strong points in any post he makes at Huffpo – just go read the archives)

we continue to focus — as we have now for calamitous decades — on one food, nutrient, nutrient grouping, or ingredient at a time, all the while missing the big picture.

Oh good, now he’s the echo chamber for the other nutrition scammer, Michael Pollan, who suckered me for a while until I saw he promotes exactly the same woo that he denounces in others, i.e. he’s right when he does the exact same thing he declares to be wrong when anyone else does it.

We have been inventing new ways to eat badly for literal decades, with the profound ills of modern epidemiology to show for it.

Yeppers, all that drop in survival statistics in the Western world proves your point! Oops, what drop is that, David? Other than inventing imaginary diseases like ‘metabolic syndrome’ the epidemiology doesn’t show much at all.

Everyone seems to know the truth about nutrition with near religious fervor — despite the fact that, just as with religion, equally informed, equally passionate people hold altogether opposing views.

Let’s see, isn’t there an old expression for this? Hum, what could it be? Could it be (in best church lady voice) the pot calling the kettle black. Read any Katz post, including this one, and it drips with religious fervor.

So having denounced everyone else for doing what he does, now Katz moves on to his real gripe, someone had the audacity to disagree with his latest book, and, boy, Katz has to move to defend it to keep those sales going.

The result tends to be that factions in every direction hurl frequent insults at my head. I’ve taken to wearing a helmet and soldiering on.  [guilty as charged]

Most recently, I came upon just such a projectile in the form of an alleged review of my book, Disease Proof, [here it comes]

So after denouncing his critics to protect his book sales he then goes for the following stunner:

In fact, if you require of yourself a bird’s-eye view of what we do and don’t know about nutrition, you reach the conclusion that it’s very hard to reach any dogmatic conclusion about details. The theme of healthful eating is very well and very consistently established.

Catch that – this guy has a jebus complex, the only way to health or whatever metric is through him. No one else knows, but he knows, the only holder of the true faith. Now wait a minute you show, the quote is entirely reasonable, but the rub comes exactly is healthful eating. Sure, who could be against that or deny it’s a good thing, except for the fact this entire articles denounces all theories of “healthful” except his own (and mostly parroting Pollan’s silly quote).

[Note: this post is hard to excerpt to show its stupidity. If you’re a thinking and moderately skeptical person, instead of gullible groupie, just read it in its entirety, look for all the language clues and red flags, the marks of a guy working very hard to feed you a line of bull]

So here we are — at the start of a year, reflecting on the long-overdue end of the junk food era. We can stay sequestered in our echo chambers, unleashing our dogmas to go out, teeth bared and ears laid back, to wage war on our behalf. If we do, any plea we send out to Big Food, fad-diet authors and mass media to stop feeding us like morons will surely fall on deaf ears, for our gripes will never rise above the ka-chinging din of cash registers. Let’s be blunt, folks: if we act like morons, and reach for our credit cards like fatuous nincompoops, we will indeed continue to be fed just so.

Now of course junk food, the devil [Big Food]’s spawn,  of the self-proclaimed nutrition scolds, is never really defined (yep, we all think of greasy potato chips, but guess what, white flour that is 85% identical to whole wheat flour is evil while whole wheat is a miracle superfood, so “junk” is merely whatever any particular “expert” is ranting against relative to his miraculous alternative).

And the punchline:

But there’s no need to hope or whine or wring our hands. We are in charge. We could, any time we like, see past the truculent trees to the genuine promise of that forest. We could, any time we like, get out of the woods. [buy my book and I’ll lead you to the promised land] We could listen more, pontificate less, acknowledge that we like what we like without pretending to know what nobody knows.

And of course,

Dr. Katz’ new book, DISEASE PROOF, is available in bookstores nationwide and at:

I refuse to help shill for his book by including the links.

Summary: Everyone else is wrong. Anyone who criticizes me is wrong. I (and to a minor degree, my sidekick, Pollan) have the answers, if you’ll just buy my book.

So, you morons out there, reach for our credit cards like fatuous nincompoops and buy this book (or write your congresscritter and tell them to continue wasting $185M of NIH’s budget on complementary and alternative medicine (the old branding, or integrative medicine, the new branding. Thank you Tom Harkin and Orrin Hatch, all the people who will die of some real medicine while you promote this quackery thank you).



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